Educational System in Relationship to Business

For business owners and enthusiast watch this TED TALK VIDEO:

Educating Young Entrepreneurs

Watching this video made me realized a lot of things that reflects my life and career. One of it is realizing not finishing my college degree isn’t a bad thing at all. I didn’t pursue finishing my college degree because I’ve realized that I can learn a lot more and faster in just a month working on projects compare to going to school 5days a week 12hrs a day studying useless subjects that you will not be able to apply to your field of work.

Also I refuse to tolerate Universities and Education System where they FORCE students who are taking up Information technology, computer science, computer engineering and  other courses to study “Chemistry”, “PE”, “Psychology”, “THEOLOGY” and other irrelevant subjects for one semester. So because of that they are lacking time to teach students some hardcore related subjects that would definitely set the student’s skills sets in the future. Does it make sense? Not the system but my decision not to pursue and start building up my own company.

One of my visions was not actually be an entrepreneur but to build a company that entrepreneurs will need. So basically a company that provides online solutions to businesses and other companies around the world. Of course this will not be possible without the help of a couple of friends of mine (You know who you are) who have been with me along the way and since day one.

I didn’t regret my decision and I can say I can do what most my classmates in college can’t do in the field of information technology, also I know more business strategies and information compared to my previous colleagues. That’s I’m able to share information around my field of expertise to other business owners and marketers and also come up with theories like this:

See on Scoop.itSEO Specialist

AJ Kohn shares keys to content and SEO strategy
He’s been the owner of Blind Five Year Old, he writes for MarketingLand, SearchEngineLand, Moz and speaks all over the world on his search engine strategies and tactics.

Al Gregorios‘s insight:

I agree with AJ Kohn, like I said in this post CONTENT is one of the constants of Google’s Algorithm that haven’t change since SEO existed. The thought of my post and AJ’s are somehow similar to each other.

So I encourage all newbies and expert in SEO, SMM, SEM and also business owners to invest more in producing unique and valuable content instead of buying tools to make your lives easier. For me SEO is a broad industry that relates to all industry so it’s not easy to compete. However my secret in order to compete and dominate is very simple and you probably doing it already. Focus on producing quality/valuable/unique content, build hard to get links using it and strong on-page optimization. (if it’s not working for you I think you’re doing something wrong, your effort/budget is not enough or your site sucks or your product sucks or your price is to expensive or your over optimizing on-site and off-site)

This is just my opinion based on my experiences so if disagree with me feel free to comment something below. I’m very open to hear some of your thoughts and willing to answer some of your questions.

See on
The educational system here in our country really sucks if only I could afford to study in other countries where educational system is focus on innovation of the student and the school itself. Universities that doesn’t have owners that are BUSINESS MEN and WOMEN who are gaining profit through the tuition fees of every student pays without equipping the student with the full education/information the student deserves.

My opinion/realizations about the video is he’s pointing out to all teachers, master educators, school owners, curriculum creators and professors that instead of forcing students to learn something not related to his/her career in the future, teach them the important and more detailed information that would fully equip the student to enable them compete with others around their industry and careers.

Any bad or good comment will be accepted as long as it relates to my opinion and thought of this post. So feel free to comment below I would be open to answer all questions and reactions.


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