Data Driven Link Building Efforts & Strategies

Data Driven Link Building Efforts & Strategies

How can we leverage our data for link building purposes? There are a lot of ways to leverage data and gain some link back to your site. I will share a couple.

When we talk about data what exactly are we talking about here? There are different types of data where we can use for link building  it maybe data from doing competitive analysis, it maybe data from Google Analytics, it maybe data from social media platforms details, it maybe content within your site. By that argument, we’ve already see the answers to our question.

Researched Data

Doing keyword research will give you guide on your niche which gives you an idea of related sites that inclines within your niche. Don’t forget that Google wants us to link and be linked by relevant sites which connects to your niche. So your keyword research data will define your niche.

Competitive Analysis by definition is a proceedure where you analyze the strong and weak points of your conpetitor’s website also getting all data that will justify your analysis. One of the data that you can use for link building is the backlink profile of your competitors. I recommend using seomoz’s open site explorer in order to get an accurate backlink profile data.

Webmaster Tools & Analytics Data

You maybe wondering how can you use webmaster tools and analytics for link building purposes. Let’s start with webmaster tools. Webmaster tools gives you the overall data of your site’s health. Incoming and internal links are included in webmaster’s data. You can disallow incoming links that are not relevant to you site, you can also tone down internal links when you’re over optimizing your website. We don’t want to you getting hit by the Penguin Update.

How about Google Analytics? It’s pretty obvious! There are a lot of ways we can leverage analytics’ data in building up links. One is you can target the right demographics which leads you to write content that your demographics are been searching for and post those content to a very authoritative site that are connected to your niche and demographics.

Social Media Data

Social media is viral and very influencial. Also most webmasters and website owners are getting very active in posting/sharing content in social media platforms such as twitter, facebook, linkedin and Google+. Some of them are posting if they’re searching for guest bloggers so it is a great opportunity for us if they’re related to our niche. Also we can get data on who talks about what the most and who have a lot of followers. More followers means more audience/visitors for your post. I recommend hootsuite and seomoz twitter tool follower wonk to generate some data for you.

On-site Content Data

Here’s a great example and also a very relevant topic for this post.

“3 Methods Fueled by Data and Tools to Earn More (and Better) Links – Whiteboard Friday” I Just read it, Now I’ll share it

Because SEOMOZ are consistently publishing valuable content in the seo industry there are thousands of blogs out there who are linking to every post they publish. Like the like above I’m linking to them for clarification purposes and also because their data/content has a lot of value in the seo industry. They don’t need to do link building because they leverage to write valuable content that people will surely link to.

Hope this post have been helpful and clarified some of your seo confusions. If yes, it would be great if you would share this to your friends via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin.

Feel free to comment your thoughts about this post. I appreciate negative and positive comments and I will be happy to personally answer your questions if you have one. See you in the comment section below!


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