Social Media & The Law – 11 Things You Need to Know Now

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At TopRank Online Marketing, our Monday mornings are usually filled with lots and lots of coffee, the clicking and clacking of keyboards being furiously typed

Al Gregorios‘s insight:

Great tips from top rank blog they really outline some great points about social media. Now most people are going social and it’s one of the most effective marketing strategy that most companies do to increase brand awarenes and sales.

So now are you doing the right social media marketing efforts? Does it drives sales to your business? If not, you probably doing something wrong. I suggest you read this blog and see which of the things you’re wrong.

I really encourage companies to push more effort on social since Google just sent out another update that focuses on long tail keywords and lower the valueof generic keywords. Social media marketing will help you target those longtails since the majority of traffic today are viraly increasing on social media platforms.

Just a little tip from me your SEO Specialist Al Gregorios.

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