Music Talk: Bass Guitar Tips and Info

Saw a video of Marcus Miller Fretless Bass Solo and it was sweet. Really he is one of the best out there. For me being a bass player it is important to keep the post consistent. When I say post it’s the Rhythm Section of the song and band. So most bass players have mastered that theory and applying it well. However, if we say “improvisation of the melody” most bass player will not be able to perform well in a certain level. So when I say “improvisation of the melody” I’m basically saying a BASS SOLO like what Marcus Miller is doing in this video:

Marcus Miller Fretless Bass Solo

For bass solo tutorial I would recommend this video from Scott. He’s one of my influences when it comes to playing the bass. I like how he relays and teach his lessons in a way that the audience will definitely pick up on it and learn it quick. Also I admire his video marketing and social media marketing effort by releasing a FREE YouTube bass tutorial videos consistently. I’m link that to his YouTube channel to help out his rankings because he’s really a good bass player and teacher. Here’s the video that I’m talking about.

Bass Soloing Lesson with Scott Devine


So wow! What???? A FRETLESS GUITAR that’s sound very perfect for his kind of playing. One of my mentors in bass playing is Bryan Beller which is the bass player/band mate of Guthrie in Aristocrats. What I like about his is we have the exactly the same taste of music, same genre of bands that we’re playing with and definitely loves bass jazz music. So hope this short article of mine have given you some good info til next time watch out for another MUSIC TALKS WITH AL GREGORIOS article/video soon!


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