Heart of A True Musician by Al Gregorios

Al GregoriosIt’s been a while since I played my bass. I think it’s almost 3-4 months that I haven’t played it. I really miss jammin out so I decided to play around with a couple of backing tracks that I’ve collected in the pass two years and finally got a groove and started doing bass solos on all of them and recorded one of my sessions. When I’m with my band I would usually play reggae, metal and rock and roll however when I’m alone and sitting in front of my laptop I would bust out some Jazz and fusion maneuver…lol

I’m into to jazz these couple of months and entice to create a song for my Baby… This is called “Lullaby The Wrong Notes“…lol Check this out!

Music is a part of who I am and ever since I learned how to play the guitar and bass I didn’t stop practicing. Let me share you some of my experiences in my MUSIC LIFE. I was in High School when my mom bought me my first electric guitar and acoustic then I started learning cords and songs. I would watch concerts and local gigs here in our city and look up to the bands in the stage playing their hearts off. I said to myself “someday Al, you’re going to hit the stage and you’re going to enjoy jammin out with you band” then college came and I finally got a band. It’s a cover band that plays Fall Out Boy and Finch songs.. I was the guitar player and the lead vocals. It was a trio punk band.. Then a friend of mine asked me to play the bass for a project cover band that will play SlipKnot, Kataklysm and Devil Driver songs. So I did.

It was a struggle jumping from being a guitar vocals to a bass player with owning a bass guitar. Most of the time I borrow to other musicians in the gig just to get the show going… It was like 3 years that I don’t have my own bass to practice with and use during gigs. Fortunately I still manage to learn our cover songs with a real Bass Guitar and just using my acoustic guitar. I fell inlove with the bass and decided to stick to it. Then I think another year or two I was invited again to play guitars for a DEATH METAL band who will write their own songs and also do six feet under songs. Again I shifted back to guitars and did it for like a year or two. Then finally I asked my friend to jam out in a bar with a regular schedule and that I will play the bass. So Again I did…. However it was worst that it was before because every time that we have a schedule to play I would go borrow the bass guitar that I will use for that NIGHT/GIG and sometimes they won’t lend me their bass.. So it was really a struggle yet I survive and manage to improve my skills and knowledge a little bit. I was trained by my guitar player who is a very good musician and friend. I will not forget he taught me arpeggios and scales until I was comfortably jammin out with those theorys and scales. So Finally when I was employed and started to save up some cash to buy a decent bass guitar I was able to acquire a Fernando 5 String Bass Sun burst Designed and B3 pedal effects. Since I bought the bass my progress really went so fast and I’m glad with it.. So my point is if you really put your heart on music having no instrument to practice and to play with will not hinder you in getting better and better as a musician/bass player. Hope this article gave you some lessons not in theory but by the heart of a MUSICIAN,

Before you close out this window and article watch this HOT BASS PLAYER I love to watch…lol I know you’re going to like her too..lol

Till Next time See Yah and Thanks for Reading This Article Feel free to go around my site for more info… =)


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