Wisdom Worth Reading and Follow

assassins-creed-wallpaper-15If there will be no suffering, you will not find Happiness. For they both exist together.

Each of us have a choice, it’s yours to make and decide. Blame yourself and not others.

Hate yourself and not the sin. Hate the sin and not the sinner.

Stop thinking about the things that satisfy you, for think about the needs of your family.

Think about what you are and not the people around you. It might hard to accept however you’re probably more evil than them.

Don’t wait for luck, make a move and reach your dreams! Innovate and not to depreciate.

Good endeavors comes with good results. Good results comes from Hard WORK.

If your world tremble before you, drop everything and sacrifice your happiness to build it up Again.

Don’t envy other people with their achievements, instead be happy for them.

Don’t let your heart grow dark and hard. For you will still forgive and be forgiven.


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