Downfall in Hiring Non-SEO Web Developers

One of the recent projects of Web Assassins Asia is an E-commerce Store that sells Jewelries and Watches. (I will not give any brand name nor url for confidentiality & privacy of the company) First look of the site in a web design aspect it really looks great, however it’s not developed to be fully optimized for SEO & Mobile. When I was running an analysis on the site I found thousands of Issues on-site which pissed me off why there still developers out there who don’t learn how to develop an SEO friendly site and still getting big clients which will pay more for a Redesign/on-site Optimization. GGrrrrrr… So this led me to write this post for the purpose that business owners must know the right people to hire for web development or design.

No Matter How Good Looking Your Site Is That’s Not Going To Drive You Sales and Profit Online

Now a days people are dependent to Google in searching for information, products and services so having a non-optimized good looking site will not meet your business’ objective which is to generate more Followers, Fans, Resellers, leads, sales and profit. (Unless you’re objectives does not include the mentioned objectives the statement above doesn’t apply to you)


How would anyone see your site if your site is not even index? (Impossible, Unless they would directly typing your domain)

How would anyone buy your products if your not in  the first page of the search results for queries related to you?

Can you get profit if you don’t have any visibility nor activity on-site? No!!!!

What Should Business Owners Do Then?

Simple, if you have the budget I recommend you to go search for a Online Solution Company that offers SEO & Web Development and also give you a reasonable price for the services you need. There are a lot of companies out there that are capable of doing both services for a good price. It’s just a matter of search them in Google.

One of the things that we at Web Assassins Asia is proud to claim is “WE DEVELOP SEO FRIENDLY WEBSITE” because our SEO Specialist works with the Web Developers who are knowledgeable in on-site optimization which includes: Schema (marked up text), HTML 5 Outline Section Titles, Meta Data and Alt Tags etc.

So in conclusion, if you’re planning on building a website for your company/business get someone who is knowledgeable in SEO so that you will just pay once and don’t have to pay more for redoing the errors that your non-seo  web developer caused in developing the site with out any SEO element and just pure web development.


  • It will save you money
  • It will provide you good results
  • Also gain a faster ranking increase
  • Increase click through rates
  • Increase sales faster
  • Meet your objectives

For more info you can email these addresses:

Feel free in writing your opinions and feedback below. Glad to justify my theory and educate anyone who disagree with my statements.


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