How to Do The SEO Initial Research

SEO Initial Research and AnalysisFirst question I have to ask if you’re an SEO is: What do you do when you start a project?

Personally I go ask the client what are his objectives in doing some SEO efforts for his/her business, also ask what are the previous promotion and marketing have they done and lastly I’ll ask who/what are the demographics of their business, services and products.

After getting some data from the business owner, I’ll start doing site audit using an SEO Tool then while the tool generates data for me to analyze I’ll do competitve analysis and keyword reseach.

SEO INITIAL RESEARCH AND ANALYSISAfter gathering all the data from the research I’ve conducted I’ll analyze those data and develop an SEO and Marketing plan to compete with the competition and also to meet the business’ objectives. So the strategy build up and analysis varies upon the goals of the company.

For all SEO Specialist, New SEO and Internet Marketer, I recommend that if you’re starting a project do an in-depth research and analysis that would incline to the goals and objectives of the company you’re doing SEO for.

Hope this post will give you some insights on what to do when starting an SEO project. Feel free to comment below if ypu have some questions or you disagree with my personally opinion about this topic. See yah and Merry Christmas to all.


9 responses to “How to Do The SEO Initial Research

  1. Thanks Gegorios,
    It is good idea to learn about the demographics when doing keyword research. I only thought the volume of searches may be enough to understand my SEO strategy.

    However, I have a question about when adding keywords for the website:
    1- If I’m writing a blog, should I focus on several keywords on all the posts to show my niche or will this be considered as spamming?
    2- What do you suggest on the keyword phrases length should be?

    Looking forward to learn from you 🙂

  2. Hey I;m glad you found my article useful.

    1- If I’m writing a blog, should I focus on several keywords on all the posts to show my niche or will this be considered as spamming

    – If you’re writing a blog post just make it natural and make sure your implementing your keywords naturally as well. You can put several keywords within a blog post as long as all of it are inclined with the same topic as what your blog post is talking about.

    2- What do you suggest on the keyword phrases length should be?

    – No length is measured in keywords only the search volume as well as the intent of the searcher. Personally I prefer using a specific targeting keywords commonly called as “Long Tails” it converts and also hit generic keywords as you mention it within the phrase.

    • Oh I get it… I think I will try to understand the “long tails” keywords and implement it in my blog while being natural.

      In the case of my blog when I put long sentence on the focused keywords box the title does not look attractive compared to shorter keyword phrases which have only one or two focused words (I’m using Yoast plugin on my blog which I always try to get the “green” dot to make sure I’m doing well on SEO)

      Thanks a lot for tips

  3. Yeah that’s an awesome plug-in, that’s one of my favorite tool to use for a wordpress site. In mapping out meta title, meta description and meta keywords I suggest you create a Domain Development Map Spreadsheet to make sure you layout keyword implementation on your titles, meta description and url.

    It depends on what your objective is when targeting keywords for you site page by page. I can show you an example of a domain development map if you want.

    • oh it would be really nice to learn about SEO in depth. Only thing I made was submitting my xml maps to Google webmaster tool. But I never heard of Domain Development Map Spreadsheet before.

      • It’s my way in setting up the site before launch. One of the things I practice is before the site will go live I make sure that all the meta data and keywords are set in a fully optimized structure..

        Let me know how I can help. Try checking my contact info and contact me via skype or whatever.. be glad to guide and advice you with your efforts also willing to learn from you as well.

        Sent Via Mobi

  4. oh.. I’m currently trying to work on my website, and I think it is better to ask you question when I fully optimized my website. Anyway, I added you on twitter, and thanks for all the support. If I ever need SEO help I know where to go 🙂

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