Hummingbird Marketing Impact: Is Content Still King in Year 2014?

Is Content Still King in Year 2014 for SEARCH ENGINESLike I said before with my theory of Defining the CONSTANT of Google’s Algorithm I basically said:

through the years of studying strategies, algorithms and SEO tools. I have realized that these are all variables that will change in time the only constant in the equation is “CONTENT”.

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So do you think that this theory is still valid in the year 2014? Where before 2013 ends Google have release an update without any notifications to the SEO Industry whatsoever….???


Just want to say something about the HUMMINGBIRD update….

It’s great that google is showing more direct and targeted search results for specific queries. What does this mean for landing pages, basic pages and blog post?

Should we target generic high search volumes keywords that are related to why the page is all about or focus towards more specific “phrases” that people are really typing in the search box??

To learn more visit Google’s Webmaster Guidelines or check for an ideal strategy for the hummingbird algo update

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Really Interested on what’s your opinion towards this argument, so it would be great if you would answer this question yourself:

In a nutshell, the latest hummingbird update is a sign that CONTENT is STILL KING in the year 2014 and not only that it also recommend us to produce content that outlines direct information about whatever you’re promoting online which users are interested to know about, buy or avail.

If CONTENT IS STILL KING FOR SEARCH ENGINES THIS YEAR 2014 What’s your content marketing plan this year 2014?

Here’s what I posted on Facebook recently when I was reading about the recent HUMMINGBIRD UPDATE by Google:

As a result of the hummingbird update I’ve structured a content marketing plan that lean towards long tail queries which that are more specific to what your demographics are searching for.

If you’re trying to sell/market jewelries instead of structuring your content that will hit just “jewelries” you should be more specific like what type of jewelry and what is the characteristic of that specific type of jewelry.

For instance –

Personalized Monogram Earings For Sale

High Quality Earings Customly Made and Monohrammed.

Also this is not only applicable for content makreting but also in link building..

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Basically Google wants us to target Long Tail Keyword/Queries that your demographics want’s to know about, or search when they want to buy or avail your product. Hope this post have been an impact/great help for you, if you have something to ask or you disagree with my personal perception about this topic feel free to comment your thoughts below.


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