Project Management System For Start Up Companies

Project Management System for Businesses

Web Assassins Asia is a start up company owned my me and Rj Villanueva (The Creator/Developer of WP Core Theme and CEO of Web Assassins Asia). So managing a start company with a max of 5 people within our team is not an easy job and also very time consuming. I’ve broke down into 3 phases our project management SOP for you have an Idea on how to use these recommended Project Management System and they are:

  • Documentation Phase
  • Brainstorm & Research Phase Implemtation and Task Designation phase
  • Reporting Phase

Here are the two Project Management System we recommend for start up companies:



On my own definition trello is a task base organizer where you can upload files as attachment for each task. A BOARD is like a milestone which consist with multiple cards which is likely task where you can assign to your team/organization member. I personally like this because it’s Free and very straight forward and user friendly. The best thing is it ties in to your Gmail and Google doc which means all files are all in the cloud and accesible through internet connection.



This project management system is the “Epiphany” of active collab but it’s a less more complex and FREE with limited members per project. How it’s organize is by one company/organiztion you van have multiple projects and within those projects are task related to it. It has the funtionality similar to Facebook comments feature, you can set due dates and best part is you can enable and disable time tracking functionality within each projects. Personally my favorite feature of teambox is their discussion/conversation sections that can be converted into a task. This is a great brainstorm environment that can turn into great results for your organization/company/project. I recommend this for start up companies/organizations. With not more than 5 members per projects.

Hope this post have helped you out in choosing the best Project Management System that suites your organization/company. If you have some questions or you disagree with my personal thoughts in opinion on this topic feel free to comment below. I would be happy to answer/reason with you as soons as possible


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