The Big Man Upstairs is Wactching Over Me

Let me tell you a story of a person who have sacrificed everything but did not succeed with his first shot to change his career and life but still thinks that the Lord God is still watching over him and he embraced his failure as a gift from God.

He spent all his money to buy some pigs, cows, bulls and horses for him to start his business. He told his son go child and buy my last money with all pigs, cows and horses, so the son left to search all of it.

Unfortunately, in the dark woods as his sons travel in a medium speed pace he got rob by a bunch of peagan beagars. As the boy returned home with the money and all those animals that he supposed to buy, his father pause and said: Thanks for this BLESSING oh Lord Heavenly king and I know you always watching over me and my family.

  • Everyone who believes in HIM will be healed.
  • Everyone who loves his only SON will have contentment.
  • Everyone who lifted up their hearts to the LORD shall not Die.

So what have you learn? Please comment all your thoughts and reactions with the box below talk to you soon!


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