A Boy Who Become A Father

I wonder if other dads felt the same way as I felt today. My daughter is about to meet us and my wife is embracing the pain of giving birth to my first child Queen Althea O. Gregorios.


This is the photo when I first saw my daughter

I can’t explain what I felt, I feel happy but worried for my wife and daughter. I hope and pray that they will both be okay and healthy.

I didn’t had the best Father and my life was a little different from the norm growing up. This experience have taught me to be a better Father than the one I had.

In my single and young years I wasn’t the most obedient son, I was a hardheaded teenager, a metalheaded who was living the life of music, sex, drugs, alcohol and rock and roll.

However, there is really a turning point in each of every person’s life where you just have to drop your old habbits and false happiness for an angel who changed your perceptions, values and principles. That angel will become your TRUE HAPPINESS in life that will give you joy and unconditional love of son or daughter.

I agree when people says that LOVE was the greatest gift that GOD gave to his people. It really is the most unconditional love that will enlighten ones life and give him/her a purpose to keep living.

I’m not being righteous and I hope you’ll not have that impression reading this post. These are just mere facts of my life, experiences worth sharing with a reason that I might guide someone to his path to be a father to an innocent child.


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