Being a Dad is Not a Joke

Many have asked me why did I cut my hair just like that when I grew it for five years and cut it in just 15mins. What’s the reason why they asked.

Here’s my new photo with my new haircut:

My daughter wasn’t breathing when she was born and the doctor had to revive her. Fortunately she was revived and have undergone observation in the nursery by experts.

This post is not about the reason why I cutted my hair as a thanks giving sacrifice for the gift of life of althea (my daughter). It’s about being a father and how serious it is to me. So my main topic begins here.

I was sitting down smoking a cig and one question that came to me while looking at the men in our neighborhood who have no stable job some don’t even have jobs but still get their wives pregnant.

The Questions:

  • Do they have plan for their child?
  • Can they afford having the child?
  • What would they feed their child physically and spiritually?

I’ve realized that being a parent or father is not a joke. You have to sacrifice some of the things you like and love for the sake of your child. That’s why I wonder what does those young fathers think while they happily conceive their girl friends or even wives without the security that they are able to take the responsibility of being a father.

I want the best for my daughter so I’ll bust my ass off to save some money to be able to give her a better future.


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