Visualize Goal Conversion DATA in Google Analytics

Goal Conversion Data Google Analytics

Visualizing Google Analytics Data With Fusion Tables — Online Marketing (@LookSocialMedia)

This is the tweet I want to share with my readers that will help them in their Analytics Data. For those SEOs who can’t afford a paid tool Google Analytics will be the best for you as long as you know how to use it.

I was just fishing for some tips/information regarding marketing & SEO via Twitter Mobile App and I came across an interesting post regarding fusion tables in Goolge Analytics which inspired me to write about Goal Conversion Metrics Data in relationship with SEO Metrics for Advance SEO & E-commerce Data Analysis which will direct us to the right directions to meet your business’ online objectives.

So today I want to talk to you about, Basic Google Analytics stuff like setting up goals and custom dashboards, define metrics data need for E-commerce Data Analysis etc. Here are goal conversion metrics “DATA” you need to pay attention to for you to be able to determine areas for improvements, issues/errors, revenue, ROI, sales and overall site status:


Goal conversion is the most important data you can manipulate in order to get the tracking data you need for your analysis. How I work, I’m doing a monthly overall analysis to define results, improvements areas, measure ROI etc for my projects and one of the things I look at is our GOAL CONVERSION

If you’re wondering what a goal is, a goal is consider as your objectives or a variable of an entity that you want to track within your website. So whether your goal is lead capture, product purchase or just increase traffic/visitors a goal conversion is still constant. Here’s Google Analytics templates for goals:

Google Analytics’ Pre-filled Goal Configuration

    • Place an orderCompleted purchase or pre-order request
    • Create an accountSuccessful sign up, account, or view created
    • Contact usViewed phone number, directions, chat or email
    • Read reviewsViewed reviews and ratings
    • Get callbackRequested service or a phone call
    • Live chatContacted via chat
    • UpdateDownloaded or installed new version
    • Compare information Compared features, products, or options
    • Add to favorites – Saved product or information to a list
    • Media play – Played interactive media, like a video, slideshow, or product demo
    • Share / social connect – Shared to a social network or emailed
    • Sign up – Subscribe to newsletter, update alerts, or join group

Goal Conversion is the process of converting a visitor into a “SALE” or a complete process lead capture form. It could vary based on your objective/intent of tracking data.  Here’s a video I did for a sample of a product purchase (goal conversion process):

If you’re new in Analytics and in SEO here’s a video I created for you to guide you on how to setup goals in Google Analytics:

A Video on how to set up Goals in Google Analytics

You can visualized your goal conversion to determine areas to improve, current on-site issues in relations to increase sales. Also to be able to track the sales via analytics. Tracking sales and referring it to traffic, referrers and other metrics visible in Google Analytics you can surely lead your business to the right direction.

Here are metrics I pay attention to define Areas for Improvements:


Goal Conversion Data Needed


Goals by Source


Keyword Triggered Goals


Goal Location

So if you have some questions, reactions feel free to comment below. Bare in mind that this post is my own opinion base on my experiences and study.


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