Create Landing Pages To Increase Sales in 2014 Market

Landing Page OptimizationLanding Page Optimization is an effective strategy to increase sales and improve branding reach. I really love Rand Fishkin of theory on “Landing Page Optimization – Potentially More Rewarding than SEO“. Here are a couple of cases which are ideally to implement landing page optimization and marketing:

  • Brand New Products or Services
  • Low readership blogs
  • Coupons and Promos
  • Local Business Events
  • Startup Companies
  • Annual Demand Increase
  • Demographics Targeting
  • Reputation Management
  • New Website / Redesign
  • Local Services & Service Provider Promotion

Does your business faces similar problems/cases mentioned about? Here are Milestones of PHASE 1 Landing Page  Optimization For 2014:

Research, Planning and Analysis

Define and Visualize Objectives/Goals – Ask the client these questions to be able to define the business’ module, goals/objectives, demographics and previous online efforts:

  • What is the main objective of the business why are you in need of SEO and Marketing?
  • How are you able to generate income/revenue?( product purchase? Providing services? Manufacturing? Offline Efforts?)
  • Where can I access product details? Can you send me a consolidated copy for all products?
  • Who do you consider as your top competitor?
  • What’s the edge of your brand from the competitors you’ve given?
  • What are your best selling products/ service? AND Why?
  • Why should customers choose your brand?
  • What marketing strategy have you implemented previously?


Your intent for gathering these data is to be able to understand the business, the brand, services, products and business goals and objectives. As an SEO, Webmaster or Marketing Expert it’s your job to meet those objectives and maintain stability/improvements in a matter of X timeline. X because it’s a variable and unsure.

Keyword Triggered GoalsPlanning Stage and Analysis – After gathering those business info/data from the client, next thing to focus before anything else is to sit down and have a team discussion and each team members will give their initial thoughts tentative strategy recommendation to be able to meet the business’ goals and objectives. (document if possible). Each team member are ideally independent and capable of doing research and analysis for each of their individual roles and areas of responsibility. If not, consolidate analysis report and plan out the components of the landing page or pages to start the development.

  • Keyword Analysis Report
  • Competitive Analysis Report
  • On-site Audit Report
  • Social Reach Metrics Report
  • Product/Services Specific Report
  • SEO Analysis Report
  • Phase 1 Strategy & Efforts Funnel Report

Design, Visualize and Develop Landing Page

After all initial research and analysis reports, implement analytical strategy formulated.

  • While the web develooer designs the page seo and webmasters can also work hand in hand to optimize the page in a coding level. (Check out and free tools in webmaster tools)
  • (Web development team) look at random landing pages and segment design ideas, it is recommended not to use be old school designs. Document, thoughts experiment/case study data and files.
  • Check out assenbla, or  communication and faster development. Google Spreadsheet and doc as well.
  • Content Writing > Optimization (Implement research and analysis recommendation) –
  • Content development team can start to build up the landing page contextual and visual content.
  • Launch Landing Page/Pages to jump start off-site SEO and Marketing efforts.
  • Consistently observe user experience, behaviour, product’s demand, competition metrics, seo metrics and e-commerce metrics  for a fix timeline.
  • SEO, Advertising & SEM rinse to eliminate unnecessary efforts which have not been helpful for the business. Trim down ads budget to lower the cost and increase ROI.

Here’s a Landing Page Design Proposal that I was working on recently…..

Hope you’ll find this a helpful visual aid (SAMPLE)  for a better understanding of a  landing page

Al Gregorios Landing Page Design

Choosing The Best Platform/Theme to get a Flexibility with your landing page’s design.

The CORE THEME WP THEMEYou probably don’t know or haven’t heard of our brand name yet, I’m one of the founders of  (Web Assassins Iloilo is the creators of the underground everything you need for SEO & Marketing WordPress Theme called The CORE THEME) This theme was built for a full scale effort on-site for SEO and Marketing. So if you want to get to know the main creator of the core theme: Rj Villanueva . Feel free to fill in this form or visit him in Google+ and you might have a chance to hop on a Google Hangout with him.

For the purpose of having an Illustration/Sample of  “Landing Page” I consider my blog to be a Web 2.0 Landing page which have generated a couple of subscribers, friends in the SEO and Marketing Industry and also potential clients who are business owners in search of an SEO Specialist in our Local City of Iloilo, Philippines. Here check this illustration out! =) Click This Image To Have a Bigger View.

* These site was developed by Rj of Web Assassins Iloilo utilizing CORE THEME, Optimized by me Al Gregorios

Web Assassins Iloilo - Landing Page Sidebar Implementation

This was developed using the CORE THEME with Woocommerce Integration.

E-commerce Driven Landing Page

Contact Rj Villanueva Now!

(Main Creator of the CORE THEME)

Goal Location AnalysisI suggest you keep in mind these “NEED TO KNOW” information regarding creating a landing page to increase sales. These optimization tips might not be applicable to your situation so hope you should analyze your case before implementing these efforts:

• Make sure to keep your branding identity

• Design must get your demographics attention.

•Design must be Responsive/Mobile Ready.

• Clear and compelling call to action placement

• Natural, Contextual, Pleasing Visual content

• Keyword Rich headlines, meta title and meta descriptions (target buying terms)

• Semantics and HTML 5 Section Titles Hierarchy • Schema Implementation

• Goals Configuration per landing page

•A/B testing for better results.

Consistency, Hard work, Competitive outlook, Positively Doing Extra Mile, Never Ending

LEARNING, Don’t get TIRED in Improving…. is the key for a successful Landing Page Optimization and Marketing case study.

  • Design
  • Content development
  • Coding/Optimizing
  • Off-site Optimization & Marketing
  • Observe
  • Testing
  • Analyze
  • Implement Improvements
  • Repeat cycle

If you have some questions or you disagree with one of my hypothesis in this post, feel free to comment your thoughts I will get back to you as soon as I can. (This is my personal opinion and it’s based on my experience through my years of experience.)


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