Adwords Advertising and PPC Management Tips and Discussion

We’re on the era of technology and people are now getting into the world wide web called the internet. The majority of population in all over the world have social media accounts/profiles and they use these social platforms as a medium of communication, socialization and source of information. In the business world the internet serve as a market place for them and each day the number of businesses who venture in online marketing increases.

If your business has venture in the online market, advertising your products or services through Google Adwords can give you high ROI if you just do it correctly. My consistent learning and case studies goes through the years of being a self proclaimed SEO Specialist I want to be a legit service provider and to be a Google certified SEO Specialist. So today, I want to talk about some stuff about PPC Management, Search Engine Marketing and Adwords in general. This discussion was a result of my notes when I took the Google Partner Adwords Certification Exam during my Google Certification Venture.

Google Networks Illustration

Google Networks – options where you can run your campaign. It’s like the location of your ads where Google is authorize to showcase your ads.

There are two networks that Google showcase their ads and they are Google Search Network and Google Display Network. I’ve a list below which gives you an overview of what each of these two network is and their ad locations.

  • Search Network
    • Google Search
    • Google Shopping
    • Google Maps
    • Google Images
    • Google Groups
    • Ads Formats:
      • Text Ads
      • Image Ads
      • Rick Media Ads
      • Videos Ads
  • Display Network
    • Google sites (like YouTube, Blogger, and Gmail) and thousands of partnering websites across the Internet\
    • Different Google Network Ads Formats:
      • Text Ads on websites
      • Image Ads on websites
      • Video Ads on websites
      • Ads on Mobile Websites

Levels of Adwords Configuration Interface

  • Account Level
    • Users
    • Billing
    • Email Address
    • Roles
    • MCC
    • Time Zone
  • Campaign Level
    • Language Targeting
    • Location Targeting
    • Placements
    • Ad Groups
  • Ad Group Level
    • Target Keywords
    • Biding Settings
    • Negative Keywords
    • Ad Status

Hierarchy Structure PPC / Search Engine Advertising Campaign

Single User Structured Campaign (for independent seo experts, online marketers, virtual assistants and freelancers in general.)

  • Gmail Account
    • Adwords Account
      • Campaign
        • Ad Groups
          • Target Keywords

Service Provider / Agency  Structured Campaign (Company Based / Organizational Structured – ideally for seo / online solutions provider companies)

  • Main MCC Account
    • #1User Adwords Account / Client #1
      • Campaign #1
        • Ad Group 1
          • Target Keywords
        • Ad Group 2
          • Target Keywords
      • Campaign #2
        • Ad Group 1
          • Target Keywords
            • Ad Group 2
              • Target Keywords
    • #2 User Adwords Account / Client #2
      • Campaign #1
        • Ad Group 1
          • Target Keywords
            • Ad Group 2
              • Target Keywords
      • Campaign #2
        • Ad Group 1
          • Target Keywords
    • Other MCC Account
      • #1User Adwords Account / Client #1
        • Campaign #1
          • Ad Group 1
            • Target Keywords
          • Ad Group 2
            • Target Keywords
        • Campaign #2
          • Ad Group 1
            • Target Keywords
              • Ad Group 2
                • Target Keywords
      • #2 User Adwords Account / Client #2
        • Campaign #1
          • Ad Group 1
            • Target Keywords
              • Ad Group 2
                • Target Keywords
        • Campaign #2
          • Ad Group 1
            • Target Keywords

(this is my personal opinion of a hierarchy structured advertising campaign managed by an individual user)

Google Ad’s Ranking Factors Discussion and Notes

When you do SEM or search engine marketing/PPC Management to be specific you’re also need to know the ranking factors. Yes, ads have ranking factors as well. Here’s a video that will explain these factors so you would better understand:

After watching that video, I’ve wrote some notes which have helped me understand the basics of Search Engine Advertising and here’s what I wrote:

Ad Ranks = Competitive Bid + Quality Score

Quality Score = Keyword Relevance + Landing Page

Competitive Bid = Ad Bid Increase + Ad Auction

  • Daily Budget – your daily budget is the amount charge for your ads bids and performance. To determine your ideal daily budget for your campaign, try to follow this equation: Cost-per-click x Clicks per day = Daily budget
  • Ad Bid – The minimum or maximum amount paid for an ad to be showcase. You can adjust your bids via:
    • Bid Adjustments – bid settings where you can manage your bids to have the ability to when and where to showcase your ad. see Google’s Explanation for clarification
      • Device bid adjustment – Theory – if Mobile (High Clicks) then Mobile = +bid 20%
      • Location bid adjustments
      • Ad scheduling bid adjustments
      • Targeting methods bid adjustments
      • Remarketing lists for search ads bid adjustments
  • Ad Auction – The process of bidding for the highest ad position in Google Networks.
    • CPM  / Cost-Per-Impression – Focuses in the frequency of the ad is showcase.
    • CPC / Cost-Per-Click – Amount paid per click.
      • Max CPC / Maximum Cost-Per-Click – highest amount that a marketer is capable to pay for a click on your ad.
    • CPA / Cost-Per-Acquisition – Amount paid per conversion.
    • Enhanced CPC – Automatically bids high and low of which keywords seem more likely to convert. This will give more value to your overall campaign budget. Here’s a video that will show you how:
  • Quality Score – the relevance of your landing page to the target keyword triggering the ad. Here’s a video that can help you improve quality score:
    • Click Through Rate (CTR) – the measurement for conversion.
    • Keyword Relevance – Text Ad Content and landing page must be optimized for the targeted keywords.
  • Ad Placements – location where the ad is showcase.
    • Top placement (top of the page)
    • Other placement (side or bottom of the page)

High ROI and Ad Performance Improvement Factors

Ad Extensions – Enables to display extra business information in your  ad such as an business address, phone number, product coupon etc. These extensions are advisable for a local business that is running a PPC Campaign.

  • offer extensions
  • location extensions
  • call extensions

Here’s a video to further explain why it is recommended for Local Business:

Display Ad Builder – a tool you can utilize through Adwords that will allow you to have a more compelling and effective display networks ads. Watch This Demo.

Language and Location Targeting – Adwords features that enable your ads to show just for your target users / demographics within a target location whenever they triggers an impression/target keywords in an ad group. This can be set up in the campaign level settings.

Keyword Targeting Notes and Personal Understanding

  • Keywords – search terms/phrases related to a service, product or information
    • Long Tail Targeted Keywords – a competitive, descriptive and specific query that is relevant to a service, product or information.
      • Targeting would have low value traffic but will set your campaign to pay for a high converting impressions that will increase CTR of your Campaign.
    • Negative Keywords – these are irrelevant search terms that is unnecessary to bid on, to get impressions for and to be able to target potential customers that are really in need of what you offer.
      • Notes: Adding Negative Keywords Exclude prevents your ads to appear if the query is triggered by the user.


Google Policy Need to be Aware of

Google Ads Advertising Violation Penalties – if your ads violated the Google Adwords Policy here three ways that Google penalize your adwords account and ads.

  • – Ad Disapproval
  • – Domain Disabling
  • – Account Suspension


If you’re planning on taking the Adwords Google Partner Certification Exam download this Reviewer from Google. This will be your Adwords Bible if you want to become a certified Adwords Expert. By the way, these are my personal understanding and experience that I’ve wrote about to be shared, so if you’ve comments, questions and disagreement from what I wrote feel free to comment below. I will be getting back to you as soon as I can.


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