Google Analytics Custom Dashboard and Reports Metrics

Google Analytics Custom Dashboard and Reports MetricsSpent the whole day building up Google Analytics Custom Dashboard and Reports for a local business that aim to capture leads online. When we first got this project we’ve conducted initial seo research and found out the site wasn’t optimized well with a bad site architecture, so I’ve recommended that we will do a site redesign to fix all on-site issues and improve the on-site SEO of the site.

After the redesign, I’ve implemented schema, breadcrumbs and meta data optimization which reflects the initial keyword research and competitive analysis. We’ve let the site to be live for 30 days and gather all seo metrics to evaluate if the changes/fixes we’ve implemented have improve the site’s visibility, on-site seo and overall optimization status and guess what….. It improve the on-site seo and enhanced the visibility of the website.

So it’s my job to setup reporting and tracking to jump start the SEO Campaign for off-site efforts. I want to share some tips and procedures how I manage to build-up an accurate metrics data for lead capture goal conversion.

Setup A Dedicated Google Analytics Account

  • Google2I assume you already have a Gmail email address so just use that account and go directly to create a dedicated account for the website that you want to track, if you don’t have a gmail account better create one to access analytics.
  • Get the tracking code and insert it to all the pages that you want to track and verify.
  • Make sure that analytics is getting data from your website.

Setup Goals and Events Tracking Conversion

  • Conversions by Acquisition  Phase 2Goals is a funnel that tracks acquisition of “converted traffic” in your website while events tracks behavior of users basically “clicks”. Make sure your goals inclines to your online objectives, so before setting up your goals define the company’s objectives. Here are three examples of online objectives.
      • Lead Capture
      • Purchase
      • Downloads, Video and Audio Streaming.
    • Scenario #1: If you’re business sells products online your main objectives is surely to get online sales via your website.
    • Scenario #2: If you’re business is offering services your main goal is surely be Lead Capture (to get leads online).
    • Scenario #3: If you’re business is all about media streaming and free downloads your objectives is to track events and not goals.
  • The best way to setup goals is to create a URL Destination/pages and set it to no-index, every successful form submission will redirects to that URL Destination which Triggers a Goal Completion.

Here’s an awesome/useful video that talks about Google Analytics Goals that will clarify the purpose of goals to your business:

Create or Import Custom Dashboards and Reports

Once you’ve understand the company’s online objectives I recommend to all SEO and Online Marketers to create custom dashboards that will outline the metrics data that reflects the business’ objectives. These custom dashboard will be useful for you throughout the SEO Campaign.

    • In case you lack knowledge in building up your own custom dashboards and reports you can check out Google Analytics Solution Gallery and search for one that will provide you with the right data metrics to analyze. Just import the dashboard/report of your choice to the dedicated account you’ve created.

Segmented Metrics Data for Lead Capture Specific Goal Conversion Tracking

  • Site Performance Data Metrics
  • Traffic Data Metrics
  • Keyword Data Metrics
  • Goal Completion Data Metrics

Conversion Report SampleThe bullet points above are the basic metrics data which you want to keep track consistently as you go along with the SEO Campaign. I’ve mentioned under custom dashboards and reports creation that it’s advisable to be able to understand your main objectives for you define what metrics data to highlight in your custom dashboards/reports. Metrics data much be relevant to  your goal conversion.

To give you a simple explanation how to create custom dashboards and reports in Google Analytics; it’s basically combining one basic data metrics above in one segment/charts. Here’s a video to clarify this statement:

Google Analytics Platform Principles – Building reports with dimensions & metrics

Download this sample Custom Conversion Analytics Report that I personally created for one of the projects that I’m working at just for you to have an overview of what I’m talking about. Here are screenshots from the report:

Here are videos that will also help you understand Google Analytics Reports and Dashboard. Also these videos will educate you with the basic logics of different metrics data reports in Google Analytics. Check it out each video!

Attribution reports

Acquisition reports

Goal Flow report

Visit Google Analytics YouTube Channel for more cool stuff/information about analytics.

I offer FREE SEO and SEM Consultation for business owners, newbies and everyone that have some issues, difficulties and questions regarding search engine optimization and search engine marketing. Feel free to add me on skype (al,gregorios) or email me at If you have some feedback regarding this post please comment your thoughts/opinions/questions below I will get back to you as soon as I can.


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