Google Analytics Understanding Basics of Metrics Data

Google Analytics Understanding Basics of Metrics Data

One thing I love about my job being and SEO and SEM Specialist is the fun of consistent learning, experimenting, case studies and analysis. I was messing around with a test account in Google Analytics and trying to track different metrics data that I want. Basically, I’m trying to learn how to manipulate Google Analytics to grab different data metrics. So I did a couple of trial and error and it gave me some good ideas and realizations regarding how to manipulate dimensions and segmentGoogle Analyticss in order to get metrics data that I want. Also triggers an idea for me to write this post to share my personal theory and understanding about Google Analytics Reporting, Metrics Data and Configurations.

It’s basically understanding the logical behavior of Analytics in gathering data and at the same time the logical data metrics to determine the variables that you need for your online marketing campaign. So here are a couple of videos that will let you understand an overview of Google Analytics and how it grabs the metrics data from your site (These are Google Analytics fundamental course module videos):

Google Analytics Course Overview

Google Analytics Basic Components

This video is the most accurate and clear explanation of what Google Analytics does and how important it is to your business/website.

Basic Data Model and Analytics Vocabularies

Understanding Different Data/Variables and logic of your business module in relations to digital metrics. Also elaborates some basic vocabularies of Analytics. Examples:

  • Users
  • Sessions
  • Page Views
  • Visits
  • Bounce Rates

So hope the videos above have gave you an overview/understanding of the basics stuff you need to know in order to manipulate the platform to give you the metrics data you need for your project/website. Now let’s figure out how Google Analytics gathers data metrics that relates to your websites performance. Here are more videos explaining the behavior of Google Analytics in grabing data from your site:

Processing & Configuration of Metrics Data

Understanding Sessions and Users Processing

Understanding how Google Analytics derive data to be sessions and users. Also explains how it is process by the platform/tool.

Transformation and Aggrugating Metrics Data

3 basic manipulation of metrics data that you can use to be more accurate and specific to showcase data metrics you need. These are:

  • Filters
  • Goals
  • Grouping

Importing Data to Google Analytics

Explains the basics of how we can send data/variables that Google Analytics use to outline metrics data of your choice.

Basics of Google Analytics Reporting

Explains an overview of Google Analytics Reporting system, interface and configurations. Will provide you information about how to outline a reporting system for your websites/business needs.

Here are some of my previous blog posts that are related to Google Analytics that might interest you as well:

This post is my personal opinion, experience, observation and theories that might not be 100% correct for some others. So if you have some questions, feedbacks and comments regarding this post feel free to comment below.

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