How To Determine Profitable Keywords

How To Determine Profitable Keywords

Hey, Al Gregorios here… Today I was inspired to write about “How To Determine Profitable Keywords” because someone contacted me because he’s having a hard time making sales online and his businesses is suffering so bad where he is losing money. Online business is all about being visible to you demographics and the basic way to be visible is to rank for keywords that your demographics search for you. In his case, his current keywords don’t generate sales it just increases bounce rate.

First thing you should do to fix this problem is to analyze different metrics data like impressions/queries, traffic, bounce rate, click through rate, conversions and current rankings in SERPS. (I personally prefer more data to analyze for an accurate analysis. However, traffic, conversions, rankings and keyword report will do) Analyze if current keywords are buying phrase or informational. Check search volumes, don’t be deceive by the quantity of search volumes the keywords has. It’s better to go after the quality of traffic that the keyword will generate (if you’re a local business make sure you’ve localized your target keywords). Export and save all reports for comparison data of the old data to the new.


Services/Product Specific Keyword Targeting

Keyword ResearchList out all your products, products’ type/categories (for products). Services and categories (for services). List down all target locations (for local business). Do keyword research starting with your services specific queries then segment all data from research. Next is to expand search to gather related queries make sure to target buying keywords and not informational (it’s best to have a legitimate seo tool to get an accurate data/results) most SEO Specialist label these type of keyword as “Long Tail Keywords“. Again, segment all data and compare metrics with your previous research. Filter keywords with high value/quality traffic and localize each one if your business is local. If not, do not modify/add anything to your filtered keywords.

Sample Products Buying Modifier:

  • Product Keyword + “For Sale”
  • Product Keyword + “Prices”
  • “Buy” + Brand + Keyword
  • “Affordable” + Keyword
  • All Above + Location (for local business)

Sample Services Buying Modifier:

  • Keyword + Service/Services
  • “Best” + Keyword Service / Services
  • Keyword + Services / Service + Location
  • ‘Affordable” Keyword + Services / Service  + Location (applicable for local business)

Refined Keywords Implementation & Observation

Filter KeywordsDo an overall-crawl report of the current pages of the site and save for comparison purposes. Re-optimize your website with the new keywords from your research make sure to do redirects to all changed titles/urls pages for page value to carry over to the new page from the old one. Do internal linking, image tagging and meta data enhancement using the new keywords research data. After all your pages is optimize, generate a new crawl report of site then compare on-site optimization score. (to know optimization is accurate, new report must have an improve / positive results than the old one)


Track, Analyze and Re-evaluate Keyword Value

Track rankings and analyze traffic and conversions to determine keyword value. Google Analytics is perfect for tracking but if you have a paid tool make sure to compare data with Analytics to check accuracy. How to know keyword value? Well, going back to our problem….. ‘Previous keywords doesn’t generate sale” so if new target keywords generates sales keyword value is high. If not it’s still not generating sales, start another keyword refinement research and go through the process again until you’ve finally convert traffic to sales. To put it in a nutshell, buying keywords are profitable compare to informational and generic. So expand you keywords to be specifically signals your products/services to search engines.

if you have comments or questions regarding this post, please feel free to write down your thoughts below and I will get back to you as soon as I can. You can also email me at


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