Avoid Spammy and Inorganic Links Issues

Avoid Spammy and Inorganic Links Issues

Seriously, What is Inorganic Links?….

Inorganic links are pages that a website points at that Google sees as artificial, spammy or should I say unnatural links. It can be an outbound or inbound link but usually seen in your backink profile.

Getting suspended or penalize is totally not COOL…. It sucks if your site have turned invisible in SERP, right? It sucks more if you unknowingly done something to cause suspension/penalization of your site or a stupid ass SPAMMY site owner gives you a thousand backlinks from his site. (Really??… =p )….

So here are my personal encounter in having an issue related to this topic. (Things to know….That might help you)


Today (July 23, 2014), I published m I found out that my blog post “How to Determine Profitable Keywords” and after an hour my blog (algregorios.wordpress.com) was suspended(PUT DOWN!!) by WordPress (Ohhh! My content… My Hard Work!!!). I was confuse why would WP suspend my blog since all of the content of the blog is unique and originally written by me. It could not be a content issue…… So I contacted WP support asking why have they suspend my blog and what should the best thing for me to do to get it back live. Here’s the email conversation:

WordPress Suspension Email

It turns out that the cause of suspension is I accidentally added an image via URL which links to wwwdotseoservicesdelhidotcom, wordpress thought I was starting to do “Affiliate marketing” with that spammy site, since it is mentioned that blogs doing affiliate marketing violates wordpress advertising policy. I followed the instructions they gave me and after getting rid of the image / url off my article my blog was revive from the dead….. WEW!!! For a while I thought I was going to lose my articles and hardwork.



BE AWARE SPAMMY IMAGE URL“wwwdotseoservicesdelhidotcom/images/seo_lifecycledotjpg THE LINK THAT KILLED MY BLOG”


I was glad my blog is back live so I was excited to share my latest published article on my social media profiles/accounts. That’s when I saw this:

Moz SEO Issue

What a coincidence YouMoz was facing the same issue…. I feel the same way as Rand Fishkin said on his post (the feeling that my content are all legitimately unique / original and still face suspension issues) and I totally agree with him on that post. However, this issue was new to me and I had to read more about it for me to be able to evade issues like YouMoz is facing right now. So I did some reading and analyze things to be aware and avoid:


Spammy - Inorganic - Unnatural Links

Google Webmaster Tools have been recently aggressive this year in informing (via GWT message interface….) site owners about unnatural links pointing to their site. Google is hammering webmasters (if they detect an issue) about inorganic links involvement for pre-caution/warning purposes. So if you’re getting messages in GWT DO NOT IGNORE!!! take actions ASAP!!!! or else your site will be penalized by Google and you’re going to face a FAR MORE WORK ahead of you or WORST – get your site killed.

If you have some questions or comments regarding this post, feel free to express yourself in the comment section below or you can also email me directly at al123.tlr@gmail.com. I will get back to you as soon as I can, hope this article have aid you in anyways. =) Peace!!


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