How to Fix Conversion Rate Bounce Rate On-site Issues

Google Analytics Conversion Data ReportAre you staying on top of your website’s conversion tracking reports? Are you consistently analyzing tracked data to evaluate your site’s performance? We’ll if you’re not, you better start now. In case your site consistently have low conversion rate and high bounce rate, don’t worry this is a fixable on-site issue which you need to re-optimize. Below are overview steps and procedures in how I fix conversion rate / bounce rate issue.


  1. Evaluate metrics data in Google Analytics
  2. Determine areas for improvements as well as current errors/issues
  3. Analyze possible cause of on-site issue.
  4. Formulate solution and implement.
  5. Observe and Re-evaluate.


  1. Evaluate metrics data in your Adwords Campaign
  2. Analyze possible cause why PAID SEARCH TRAFFIC keep bouncing off.
  3. Once you determine the issue solutions is given in Adwords just follow proceedures.
  4. Observe and Re-evaluate.

Local SEO Sp

Overview of LCR(Low Coversion Rate) = HBR (High Bounce Rate) Issue

You must understand the logic in Conversion / Bounce Rate Issues so you’ll be able to accurately diagnose issues, cause and solution. To make it simple and straight forward, similar to economics theory of “COST, DEMAND and SUPPLY “. “BOUNCE RATE” (BR) affects  “CONVERSION RATE” (CR) the higher BR is the lower CR gets or vice versa. These two cannot be equal to each other.

Front-End Issues Cause of LCR = HBR On-site Problem

There are cases that LCR=HBR onsite problem is triggered by Front-End Issues that cannot be evaluated or track by Analytics. You should evaluate every part of your site in order to diagnose LCR = HBR Problem. So what are the possible front-end issues that might be causing user drop-offs?

  • Poor / Outdated Design
  • Content Issues
  • Pop-ups and Spammy Ads
  • On-site Navigational Issue
  • Low Page Value


How To Determine Profitable Keywords 

Targeting the wrong keywords can be deadly, so I recommend to do keyword refinement research for more profitable keywords. Check your queries metrics data in Google Analytics  and see if what queries triggered most of the bounce off traffic. Then filter those keywords check your site if it’s optimized towards those queries and better change (re-optimize) your pages. If you’re bounce offs came from paid search traffic (that sucks!) your Adwords Campaign is set for wrong keywords (unprofitable keywords) you must do keyword research again and start a new campaign.

Questions, comments and feedbacks can be posted below. I will get back to you as soon as I can.


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