How to Add Users To Access Google Plus Business Page

G+ Biz PageI know that still is still the #1 social media platform 2014, however for local businesses who have an online presence / website has optimization effect that impacts the site’s visibility performance in LOCAL SERPS. FYI – way back 4 – 5 years ago G+ Biz Page is called Google Places which currently (2011-2012 not sure…lol)known as “Google Local“. I always get this question from people I work with…

“Is G+ Biz Page like FB where you can add page users/managers?”

– YES! Similar with FB…. =)

“How to add users to manage a google plus business page?”

– Simply follow the instructions below… =)
Wrote this instructional procedure that explains “how to add user access to your Google Plus Business Page“. Mainly for online users who are new to Google Plus who wants to give someone access to his/her “G+ biz Page” (I like to call it that

Google+ Home Page Anatomy

Click to Enlarge Image

Google Plus Anatomy

Google Local Interface

Google Local Interface

Here’s a step by step illustration for a more clear explanation, once you’ve log-in your “gmail account” you’ll see @ a side drop down navigational menu which looks exactly like the step one illustration image below. (Just follow these steps you’ll see how easy adding user access for G+ Biz Page Managers)

 Step – 1

Login > Home > Pages > Select Business Page

Step - 1 G+ Biz Page

Step – 2

My Business > Settings

Step - 3 Google Plus


Adding Mangers and Set Permissions

How to add users in Google Business Page



To watch an on-going process of the steps explained above click the play button now!

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