Leveraging Twitter Social Media Marketing: Chef 2014 Movie

Chef Movie - SMM LESSONS

Twitter for SuccessWas watching movies last weekend and I stumbled upon this movie which inspired me to write a blog post to share this to my fellow online marketers, SEO Specialists and Social Media Marketing Experts. Watching this made me think about the value of my job as an SEO Specialist; helping businesses to succeed online. This movie have focused on the marketing capabilities of Twitter for all types of business. Inspiring movie for a guy like whom have been in the industry for about 5 years. =) Seriously…..

So let me share an overview of what this movie is all about; it’s about a chef, who lost his job because a big time critic / blogger who give his cooking a crappy review on Google+ and tweeted about his experience dinning on the chef’s restaurant. The topic was viral and got trending. So mr. chef son told him about the twitter buzz and he’s kinda new with twitter and replied on the blogger’s tweet unknowingly tweeted for the world to see.. he thought he was just giving the blogger a message…lol so he got fired and started to venture on the food cart industry offering his amazing cooking in the streets w/ just a truck roaming around city by city. So he was with his son while going around each city and his sons took advantage by leveraging his dad’s twitter account which has 20.000 or more followers by tweeting their stuff.. So each city they go, it was a massive customers waiting to buy his awesome cooking! So he was successful with it, thanks to his son’s initiative to do social media marketing.. So try to watch the movie  let me know what you think. Feel free to comment below, I’ll make sure to get back with you as soon as I can. Hope this post have been a good help with you! =)


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