Paycheck vs Flexible Work Environment

Today’s argument:  Paycheck vs Flexible Work Environment which do you prefer?

Personally, I rather have a good working environment, flexible working schedule and solid team working chemistry. Than to have a high paycheck, fix straight 8 working hours with micro management working system that tracks your overall working activity.

I’m a very transparent person and there are times that I tend to slack ( however, I always makes sure that if I slack it won’t affect / compromise project’s on-going SEO Campaign results) to be able to just cut out from working mode and refresh myself so that the next time I’ll get back to working mode I’m going to work better and generate a more calculable/accurate results.

I don’t know about you but, with my years of experience being an SEO Specialist I notice that it’s essential to have total control of your working efforts to be able to have an accurate analysis and positive results. Here’s what I have to say for employers who doesn’t consider giving their SEO Specialist liberty to practice his personal working procedures:

Inflexible Working Environment Reaction


  • Majority of so called “experts” and “specialists” (whatever business industry) have their own personal working process which they practice. So why require an SEO Specialist to be micro manage w/ hourly working surveillance, why not let him do his thing and see good results.
  • Through my years of experience, I’ve realized that an SEO Specialist that has a flexible working environment permitted by the company is more productive compared to an SEO Specialist w/ a fix working straight shift.
  • Personally I hate to convey via skype chat and I hate to do it on an hourly basis because there’s someone who’s not really SEO literate who basically check-up on what I’m doing and status of the project I’m handling. If you want to hire a legit SEO Specialist let he/she follow his/her personally workflow process for sure without you asking he/she will provide you an overview report of each of the projects he/she handles. So chill-out and stop giving bad vides, pressure and negative managerial strategy.


  • Is it because the company pays more  so they want to get every second they’re paying individual team members?
  • Is it because they thought that more time spent on projects the more productive the results is? MISCONCEPTION

My Thoughts and Personal Opinion

  • The more time a person spent working on a project overall efforts and probable generated results will be the same or even lesser,
  • As comparison, even if a person only spend two hours or an SEO Project but have implemented an accurate strategies which was analyzed with in-depth research and consistent case studies of the search engine’s algorithm behaviors. (because of the flexibility of working schedule the SEO person was able to invest some time improving his/her SEO analysis skills and knowledge). Having a fix schedule only means time sensitive deadlines and high mental pressure which affects analytic capabilities of a person. =) Don’t you think??? 


Let’s dissect most probable cause why people quit their job even if it a High Salary Rate Project:

  • Ineffective Team Management
  • Fix / Straight Working Hours Schedule
  • Micro Management Working Practice
  • Overloading Projects vs Man Power
  • Poor standard operating procedures
  • Limited Project Timeline Completion
  • Unnecessary individual daily Activity Reporting Demands
  • Uncomfortable working environment brings negative vibes within the team.
  • More…..

In a nutshell, the more freedom with their individual working process & schedule you give your team members the more productive, innovative and motivated they will be. Which will generate positive results for your projects, the more chains, don’ts and rules you set the more team issues you’ll get. Trust me, been there done that. I’m currently employed by and I’ve been very happy working with them because of how they trust their team members by providing me (personally) a very flexible working schedule and the liberty to implement my personally WORKFLOW PROCESS. Do you want to know the results I’ve generated for our projects? Here’s an example seo project and case study I’ve worked on recently. This post is only my personal thoughts and perspective towards the main topic. So any comments, reactions or feedback just comment your thoughts below, I’ll make sure to get back to you as soon as I can.


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