In Depth Understanding Search Engines Algorithm Behavior

Looking back when I was just starting off to work on SEO projects, it was a struggle for me to deliver results in an early stage. I always take time in generating results that meets the site’s objectives because I was still a rookie and I only have knowledge on basic SEO efforts & strategy so I’ve decided to specialized in “SEO ANALYSIS” my theory; SEO Analysis covers 80% of seo success…..Why?

This process is about evaluation of the overall seo status of site and develop strategical optimization plan to be able to meet the site’s objectives. That’s the reason why I spend time to do personal case studies to be able to improve my comprehension, logic and analytic ability to analyze different cases of SEO Difficulties, issues, types of campaign and to be able to diagnose an accurate solution.

Here”s a good info-graphics that will give you insights of the current search engines algorithm updates and it’s impact towards strategical implementations for optimization.

Holistic SEO vs the Old SEO (Infographic) - An Infographic from Digital Marketing Philippines

Embedded from Digital Marketing Philippines

So hope the info-graphics have somehow gave you some insights. I recommend that you just keep on doing research, don’t stop learning and improving. Just to give you my thoughts of my current SERPS case studies and observations; My new info for today – “GOOGLE+ PAGE EDITS ” Impacts current rankings. Here’s a good workflow for SEO and web development projects.



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