SEO Talk About Schema On-site Implementation


It’s been 48 hours without sleep and I’m very tired. While laying down I thought about writing my personal perspective towards on-site schema implementation and its impact towards search engines algorithm behavior… Since Rj Villanueva of Web Assassins Iloilo and I started messing around implementing schema in a couple of our case studies I’ve been observing its effect and how can businesses leverage its impact in SERPS. Here are what I’ve observe:

Local SEO Signals

First thing I’ve notice about’s micro-data is that it’s a good on-site signals letting search engines know that your site is a local business increasing local rankings specific to wherever geo location/postal address you’re highlighting.

Want to know how I’ve tested this theory?… To give you an overview in a shorter explanation, I’ve tested two sites, one with schema implemented on-site and one without schema on it. Both have location data however I’ve observed that the site that has schema microdata ranks faster compared other site without schema.


E-commerce Product Details Signals

This type of schema highlights the important product data in a product page which adds the highlighted data in your snippets if you hit an impression from a query relevant to your product. This micro-data increase click through rates and conversion for e-commerce sites. This is beneficial not only for you and the users but also for search engines crawlers to have a clear indexing giving increasing ranking factor of your product pages.


Verified Google Authorship Mark-up Data

This is also applicable for local seo but its main purpose is for authors, journalist and article writers to be able to have a good snippet for their article. You can always see this type of schema on blog posts and author taxonomy page. So it will give you a good boost of online popularity and reputation which your readers would easily see your articles in SERPS view level.

This also signals search engines that your blog post or website is related to your Google+ Page or profile giving your site and account minor score for serps rankings and visibility.



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