My Mountain Bike Free-ride Story

These are photos of me riding MTB on our local trails


Video clips riding @ our local trails

Posted by Al Gregorios on Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Decided to write about a different topic which is not related to work, seo tips or being an SEO Specialist in general…. This is not about my profession but about my passion…. Besides my music I also spend a lot of time riding local trails with my buddies, so obviously looking at my photos above this post would be about “MY MOUNTAIN BIKE FREE-RIDE STORY”.


  • Riding is not mainly about health fitness, races or luxury… RIDING MTB is socially shared with your buddies or acquaintances having fun on trails, mountain, hills and dirt jumps.
  • MTB is not mainly about getting the most expensive bike parts and have the most expensive MTB….lol No matter how ugly your bike looks or feel as long as you have the “MOVES” beats even the most expensive bike.
  • MTB is not about ENDURO, FREERIDE, DOWNHILL, 4X and Cross Country disciplines. It’s about having fun, crash and ride again, but essentially the benefits of riding bikes which are:
    • Health Fitness Improvements
    • Drive and Boost Your Confidence
    • Have circle of friends with the same interest and enthusiasm towards Mountain Biking
    • Improve your alertness and mind focus
    • Takes away stress and have some time away from work mode

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