Google Analytics – Adwords You Need to Know

Notes: This part focuses on your understanding of business objectives, analytics capabilities and core purpose.

Google2Digital Analytics User Sales Funnel


Notes: Segmentation of data to better understand and analyze your business data.

Know All The Different Ad Extensions

It’s important to know all the ad extensions to be able to implement it to your campaign. So here are the two types of extensions Manual Extensions and Automated Extensions:

Manual Extensions

  • App extension – Show a link below your ad text that sends people to the app store or begins downloading your app. Get started here.

  • Call extension – Let people click a button to give you a phone call. Give your ad a call button.

  • Location extensions – Help people nearby find your nearest store front or give you a call. Add a map pin, navigation assistance and a call option to your ad.

  • Review extensions – Showcase positive, third-party reviews from reputable sources. Start adding reviews.

  • Sitelink extensions – Add links to help people find what they’re looking for. Choose your site links.

  • Callout extensions – Add descriptive text to your ad to help people learn more about what you have to offer. See how callout extensions work.

Automated Extensions


  • Consumer ratings extension – Show off what customers appreciate with high-quality survey data.

  • Previous visits extension – Show people if they’ve clicked through to your website from Google Search results before

  • Social extensions – Show how many Google+ followers you have.

  • Dynamic structured snippets extension – Dynamic structured snippets show additional landing page details automatically with your ad on Google search

  • Seller ratings extension – Show your online business ratings with your ad

Understand The Logic Of Each Bidding Type

  • Cost-per-acquisition (CPA)

Objective/Target: Conversion, Sales or Lead Generation

Description: So if your goal is to generate sales / leads your bidding strategy should be CPA……


  • Cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM)

Objective/Target: Brand Awareness, Reach, Promotion

Description: If your main objective is to increase brand awareness and reach this bidding strategy would be best fit for your campaign.


  • Cost-per-click (CPC)

Objective/Target: Traffic, Page Views and Visits

Description: So if you just want traffic, page views and visits from your campaign this would be the ideal bidding strategy for your campaign.


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