SEO and Marketing Downfalls of Business Websites

DownfallWas inspired to write this post by my recent experience and realization in dealing with clients/projects that wants to succeed and gain leads or sales online but failed to provide their site’s needs because they don’t want to spend extra for it.

What do I mean when I said website’s needs? It could be anything costly, hard to create or time consuming.. There could be another possible scenario that phase one of the Seo campaign have generated positive results like from 0 visibility score in SERPS to page one and even 7th packs local rankings.

So next phase 2 would be stability of rankings which might cost extra for Seo tools or content development and the client felt confident that they’re dominating SERPS for most of the business target keywords so phase 2 would be unnecessary for them so they’ll just settle for the standard SEO package which lesser for cost.

As a Result, What happen – Why Did You Get PENEALIZED?

Spammy - Inorganic - Unnatural Links…… 6months later…. Google Release an update which decreases all improved rankings and only we’ve follow my outlined recommended strategy those ranking would have been strongly hold position… Guess what who did the client blame???? ME!!!!?lol hilarious…. Lesson here is when you’re clients are not staying on top of their site’s SEO efforts and takes for granted also hesitant to pursue your recommended seo strategies to stabilize their visibility in SERPS, try to get them understand the objectives why is it important. So mainly when you say ranking stability factors let’s just talk about the main one which is “CONTENT”

What type of content?

MEDIA: Photos & videos are mostly included in the search engine search results page

Leverage the power of Images/Media for SEO Score Watch this Whiteboard Friday on Image SEO on moz so you would better understand the why and how this going to help your website’s SEO.

Articles for on-site and off-site blogging

Data Driven Link Building Efforts & StrategiesMost of online enthusiast are afraid to build-up contextual links using main keywords because they immediately associate it with being penalized of spamming. But I don’t….. Remember “CONTENT” is still king and it’s one of the best ranking factors and keyword targeting signals which search engine bot picks up and understands to put a certain website to get impressions on relevant and related topics in result if you’re content is valuable to users and unique. Algorithm is smart enough to put your site to ranking to what it deserves.

So most business/clients turn down this type of strategy because content development is high cost with undefined ROI, so it’s one downfall that you should really analyze and think about before taking it for granted.

Geolocation Signals Using Citations

GOOGLE MAP PINThis type of recommendation are labeled by most Rookie SEO Specialist  only local biz that targets demographics in a specific geographic location. So Google Maps, Business Google and Google+ Biz Page are essentials that your site must/already have. Personally I’m using yext to manage my citations so it would be an additional cost for the client to be able to have a clean and consistent data throughout the SEO Campaign.

Local listings are most helpful for businesses with a retail storefront and/or businesses that are principally focusing on a particular geographic territory. Local listings are positioned in light of a mix of components identified with:

  • The Google Places listing
  • OFF-SITE SEO SCORE (backlinks, structured citations, etc.)

Most mid range business with low budget on SEO cuts out and do citation manually but for me as an SEO Specialist with experience and observation I will not work on a manual citation campaign if there are tools out there that can speed things up for me and generates less errors with positive results. Beside it will be time consuming to do a manual citation campaign and time is valuable so let’s just speed things up and use our time in other efforts to maximize productivity. So hope that you and your client would think twice before you decide not to move forward with your local business listing campaign, it would be your biggest downfall for your business.

I hope that this post have been useful for you, feel free to comment your thoughts, opinion and questions below. I would be personally reply to you as soon as I can. – Al Gregorios


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