2015 Local SERPS Google Algorithm Update Equation

7-4 =3 Google LOCAL SERPS

GOOGLE MAP PIN 7 – 4 = 3

You probably be wondering what’s a simple subtraction equation doing in this post…. It’s logically what google did with local SERPS, most of our local seo clients notice that they’re not visible in the local SEPRS for a couple targeted search terms that they use to rank for. I was like WWHHHHATT????? WHHYY?????………….. Since the update was recently been released and I was not able to check.

So when I analyzed it and cross reference my analysis with some articles and discussions threads, Google basically have tighten up the competition in in local seo industry. Before we have the 7 pack local serps now they tapered it down to 3! Now those 4-7 pack sites/businesses are no where to be found on page one. It’s good if you’re site still visible in the organic results but if not you’re site is the same as the ones on page 2…lol I really find this funny…

So if you have invested on paid citations to be able to compete and included in the 7 pack, you need to have a plan B to be able to out rank the top 3 business that are visible…

Keep your fingers cross

There are tons of businesses and users that was not happy with
the update, so if Google’s main objective is to provide an accurate, informational, relevant search results and user satisfaction to their users this will surely be revert or improved/changed soon. So let’s see… If not…..

Google s Local Snack Pack Shake Up What You Need to Know Moz


  • I suggest spending more time and efforts on your Google business page and interact with your customers and potential customers by letting them give good reviews (bad reviews is also positive since it signals the legitimacy of your local business), sharing more info about your business and engage with them through comments and hangouts.
  • Improve the quality score of your business page:
    • Add some business photos
    • Add an inside tour video
    • Update what you offer consistently and be more descriptive in your descriptions.
    • Make sure your site is authenticated relation to the G+ biz page
    • Look at G+ same as FACEBOOK so spend the same amount of time spent in your FB page to your G+ biz page.

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