Easy To Set-up Schema Structured Data For WordPress Websites

Most website owners don’t understand how to implement schema on-site but they understand the value and purpose of it. So for some website owners without any advance HTML knowledge mostly outsource it to agencies or freelancers. So it’s very beneficial for SEO Specialists and Search Engine Marketers, it is very fast and easy to set-up and can bring income.

As one of the marketers that receives calls and emails from random website owners I feel like I’m ripping them off because most of the time for just the basic structured data implementation clients are willing to pay $50 – $100 for 8 hours worth of work… (but in reality it will just take 2 hours the most to set it up and validate in Google Webmaster Tools)

Easy Way To Create Structured Data OPTION #1

Requires Basic HTML understanding to be able to set this correctly

Below is a basic schema for schools, training centers and other educational related business which took me half an hour to build from scratch and validate:

Schema Structured Data SEO Specialist

→ There are tons of schema creator tools out there that are FREE and gives you basic structured data outlined properly for you once you have provided all required data.

So what are those important data that all online business should have and marked up on-site???

→ Legal Business Name

→ Phone Number

→ Business Address

→ Email

→ List of Services or Product Details

→ Google Plus Business Page

→ Google Maps Coordinates

→ Business Logo

Once you completed to build-up the html codes with the correct schema item properties and item types it is essential that you validate it in Google Webmaster Tool RIch Snippets Tester. Once you see all data are showed and read by the test crawler you can paste it over to your website. I recommend that you have it in the header or footer because it will carry over to other inner pages and not only your homepage or contact page. 

Easy Way To Implement schema.org/Product Structure DATA for all your product pages

Exclusive for WordPress website with Ecommerce Functionality, this time consuming since it would require manual configurations for each product pages.

This don’t require an advanced HTML skills as long as you know the logic of HTML and how it works you’re good to be able to set https://schema.org/Product  to your product pages. Only requirement for this is to install Schema Creator Plugin by Raven Tools. Once it is installed you can now add schema for all custom post types and pages with in your website. Since this is focus on product pages each of the product page editor interface should have ADD SCHEMA tool above the visual editor which will pop up custom fields with required products data to be filled in.

What Data????? =)

→ Product Title

→ Product Description

→ Product Unique ID / SKU

→  Price

→ Image

→ Manufacturer

→ Brand

Once all fields and filled by its corresponding information just hit add schema and it will give you a shortcode with all data entered. Make sure to check the front-end design because this plugins adds css if not disabled from the plugin options. After you update the product page, go a head and test it in Google Webmaster Tools Rich Snippet Tester and once all data are correctly recognized by the tool go to the next product, if encounter an error make sure that you have entered correct data or installed the plugin correctly.


Easiest Way To Implement Structured Data Using WordPress Plug-in Yoast All in One SEO

Exclusive for WordPress websites

So if your website is built by WordPress you can be able to implement Organization Type Schema by using yoast plugin. Make sure that your website have already installed it, if not you should be able to download the plugin and install, or under the plugin navigation drop down add new plugin interface. Once it is installed configure the plugin and follow the screenshots below for important areas you need to set to be able to automatically add Schema.org/Organization item property as well as the /WebPage.



Once you have gone through setting up yoast, again don’t forget to validate if your website have organization structured data via Google Webmaster Tools. If the schema structured data has error or the tester did not recognized the data you should make sure that you have configured your yoast plugin correctly. Below example shows that this should be the data that the tester recognized:


If you have questions any concern regarding this post feel free to comment your thoughts below or contact me via email.  In case you don’t have the time to set schema.org marked up data for your website and you are looking for qualified expert to implement schema.org, I might qualify and can be at service to you. Just dial (915) 7209746 to schedule an appointment with me.

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