World of Businesses & Search – UNDERSTAND BASICS STEP 1

I was recently watching SEO & SEM Videos for 2016 current updates and trends… Also attended a couple Google Hangout both SEO & SEM Topics.. (Some part have gave me better understanding of paid marketing, however all SEO related strategies mentioned are already what I’m practicing/implementing for my projects). Along the time when I was randomly watching YouTube Videos I stumbled upon this movie:

So what message did you ask yourself after watching??

What are your thoughts about the movie??

…… Mine??

The movie is about how the main character looks at the world and how people are misled by higher dominating element which impacts the society’s overall existence…. So as an SEO Specialist what if I would analyze Google’s Objectives and Goals as my first step to give my simple explanation on how I personally understand and perceive search engine optimization.

Dissecting Goals and Objectives

Google Main Goal FOR BUSINESS Our products and services – Company – Google


One must understand these information to be able to help businesses succeed online. There are businesses that are not dependent to their online visibility, leads, and captured sales so this might not be applicable for them…..

How about if your business depends on SEARCH????

We’ll better read the following and understand the basic logic on how Google works for your business or just being a user.

Once you understand the core objectives you will be able to connect your business objectives on how these goals are meet by search engines. And once you accurately analyze the business data for sure your strategies recommendation will impact a positive outcome for the business…… =)

…….To be Continued…….


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