Who Decides What Info To Show For Every Query in Search?

Search Engine’s Algorithm can be explained as a program that logically aggregate the most relevant data to provide answers for every query. So these search terms or queries are the triggers to show relevant information in SERPS. We as marketers, seo specialists and sem agencies dedicate our career, time and money to understand the Algorithm’s current behavior and dissecting the logic how information is presented for all types of searches and users intent which can help a certain business gain what they need online to be able to grow.

I came across an interesting video in my YouTube Home Feed (which has its own algorithm on what videos should they show on my home page and it is said to show videos within my interest, and users interest is calculated by the type of video he/she frequently watch and channels you are subscribed at.) about global privacy and security which discussed in a live news coverage:

After watching the video it came to me and asked myself these questions to be able to better dissect and understand the algorithm:

“Are Google’s engineers and programmers are the one who designs, planned out and decide the Algorithm’s logic and behaviour to decide what information are the most relevant to every queries?

What if

“There’s a more authoritative person, company or organization that can exclude certain info/data to a user searching for the exact data that they keep confidential?”

If Yes

Data or information in search might not be accurate or true….

If it’s not True

Who Decides What Info To Show For Every Query in Search?…

If you notice the questions keeps you into a loop until we reach the nearest answers it will consistently go back to the begin question. So logically that’s how I illustrate the basic behaviour of Google’s AI for Search. It calculates the information’s relevance to a query from the indexed data in their database and go through countless loops per second to be able to provide a number of results for their users.

In a nutshell

So how will business be able to show up? Give Google a lot of relevant content to index about your business niche, services or products and also make sure to list your business across all platforms or medium in the web. Analyze traffic analytics data to be able to know what strategy or content to focus on publishing to get indexed by Google and optimise your website to give crawlers a clear path and looks at the content value within your web pages.



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