2016 On-site Off-site Content Facts WANTS You To Remember

Content Still King Year 2016 - Al Gregorios SEO SpecialistBefore we go through this short but valuable facts to remember in building up content both on and off site. We need to go back to basics, I know you already figured out how search works and how Google keep on improving the algorithm to be more accurate and helpful for their users by providing the highest possible information that their users search for.

We should review how google is trying to improve their search algorithm so we will be able to evaluate if your current content strategy can still be valid in the next year or two no matter how many update Google rolls out your content must still pass guidelines and policy.

Another good video to watch and know about evolution of “Search” so we’ve already peel out how Google improve their algorithm accuracy and ranking factor to provide users sites that are relevant towards the triggered query. Now we need to see how it evolved through the years.

Legit & Unique Content What Google Suggest?

content-strategyAvoid Duplicate Content On & Off Site Strategies

  • Automatically generated content
  • Link building schemes
  • Cloaking techniques anywhere on your domain
  • Sneaky redirects in an attempt to trick the search engine
  • Hidden text and hidden links
  • Doorway pages
  • Scraped content
  • Affiliate programs that do not add sufficient and significant value to your domain
  • Keyword stuffing
  • Malicious behavior including phishing, viruses, trojans or any other badware
  • Abusing rich snippets markup
  • Sending automatic queries to Google

Duplicate content off-site pointing to your website can be harmful if Google detects and justified by the algorithm that your site practice a bad content scheme / strategy that only copies or spins content from the money site or other websites. Since I started to work as an SEO Specialist way back 5 years ago this was really on of the mortals sins that webmasters must not practice..

Google looks at the quality of the content and also evaluates uniqueness and relevance to your niche. Below are 5 common SEO mistakes you might done or about to do:

How Google Consider A Website Practice Manipulated and Spammy?


Now, I think we already point out what we need to look at during data analysis & strategy creation. So check out what Google recommends for webmaster to be able to pass policy and guidelines and avoid penalization:

Hope this post shared some new insights to you and has been helpful towards your projects. For any corrections and clarifications about this topic feel free to comment below,

I would humbly consider your inputs as long as it inclines to Google’s Rules of an ideal site to rank #1 or at least in page 1. =)



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