New Keyword Research Strategy For 2016 SERPS LAYOUT


Howdy! If you notice Google SERPS is starting to looking different search engine land have explained it very well. So I just want to give what I have to do when doing keyword research for a new or old project. Below are the different examples of changes in SERPS Layout:

By looking at the examples, I’ve immediately realized that it’s not about search volumes and competition anymore. We should consider how SERPS shows the search results to your target keywords or vise versa. So one advice for keyword tools out there that they should add a feature that users can click to see current SERPS showing current rankings and layout of results for marketers to see both real time competition and layout for them to decide if a certain term is worth going for and what strategy to do for the query.

It’s as SEO Specialist, I need to really give extra time to analyze if my target keywords matches the right strategy for my website to compete on SERPS. Let’s put it this way… It’s like in a basketball game it’s wise to feel the court do some warm ups before the game to give the competing team to feel the competitors home court since they have that advantage it’s fair to give other team a chance to feel the court before the game Not sure if you get what I mean but anyway, just make sure to check SERPS for all your current target keywords and make sure you have the right schema and off-site strategy to be able to compete with the competition.

Hope this post have give you some insights of the New Keyword Research Strategy For 2016 SERPS LAYOUT. If you have any comments please feel free to share your thoughts below. =)



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