Let’s Talk About Prediction & Misjudgement

May 11, 2016 this day is the perfect day to write my thoughts from the past months….. I’ve found these videos below which was perfect from the case study that I was working on from the past months. Before you read each experiment below I want you to watch the videos as you go through the experiment. So check out this first one:

Does this make sense to you? Let me put it this way… Why most of us are staying inside the box which what we normally experience, because we are built to perceive what it is given or showed to us.

Example: Oh I see that the Cats hates mice and it’s impossible for them to connect and be friends and talk.. So we believed this as a fact… But how about there’s a rat same size and similar image to the Cat is it possible for them to connect and be friends? Well since the first idea/fact given to us which is “TRUE” the “RAT” case would be automatically be “FALSE”… Correct??

Okay so now, I’m not other people who would believed that coz I’m agnostic to know what’s the REALITY because knowing the reality makes my reality real and tangible. So I’ve observed and experiment a couple of predictions and examination of my hypothesis that it’s possible that a “CAT” can connect and be friends with “RATS & MICE”..


I’ve managed to get certain data (videos, photos and notes) which my hypothesis is very strong. To know the “CAT” I must think like a “CAT”. The data I’ve found was very compelling to me and my colleagues. So know there are some glitches from the first argument.. Here are points I see why there’s a glitch

  • Being a “CAT” and a living creature my first goal in my existence is to survive and live my habitat
  • So I know where the left over food usually is thrown
  • So I can smell if there’s a barrier between me and the food that I need
  • So behaviour #1 even though the cat is threatened to be openly caught getting the food the cat keeps coming back and shows up.
  • Let’s not forget about the “RATS and MICE” they are impossible to connect with the “CAT” but they share the same goal and objective which is to get the “FOOD”.
  • So both species keeps showing up and trying to look out if the area is clear.

Funny about this experiment is we figure out the both Species share the same objective. So I was still very skeptical that my theory is wrong.. So I conducted another experiment, before that please watch this next videos.

Experiment #2

So based on the first experiment data the next step I want to peel off and dissect is I want to know why both the “CAT” & “RAT & MICE” are very defensive when they aware that there’s someone who is a threat towards the goal and objective that both species share.

So in order for me to know that the “CAT” is really capable of connecting with a RAT or a MICE let’s do some experiment on the MICE or RAT if I will give some food in the open where I have a decoy CAT beside the food.. So this experiment was an eye opening for me because the MICE or RAT really did made effort to get the food given even there’s a CAT beside the food.

While doing this the “CAT” have a separate experiment as well because while we observe the RAT/MICE the cat was obviously defensive because the food that I tempted the MICE or RAT belongs to the CAT… Now this is very funny because I didn’t notice that both species are protected towards the “FOOD”. Do you know that all living creatures are hardwired with defensiveness? This was research and hope the CAT and MICE will not oppose towards this research.

You cannot force someone or something to not be defensive. So as for the Cats and Mice the defensiveness started when we started to be a threat of their shared goals with was the “FOOD”..  Now we have a strong case study so we proceed to the next experiment. So what we need to the next experiment is to be more real and direct.


  • Counter ATTACK Aggressivly
  • Withdrawal – Avoid Conflict
  • Surrender & Betray / Sabotage

lol… Funny line in the video: if you’re to stupid to know what we are trying to do here.. So the next experiment is to know what the “CAT” would react towards one stimulant that we will give the “CAT” so the options are listed above..

7d91e27359ef0cbe2b541ac1aa285cfcSo what happened during the EXPERIMENT, we have set some traps for both species and we observed what defensive format would they use to be able to have a chance to get away with the “FOOD”. The only evidence we will have that our hypothesis is impossible and delusional is when they are openly both admit and won’t deny that it’s possible for them to work together to be able to get “FOOD”. In other words, if they will get rid of all defenses and show their real personality to the observer then I was wrong of being agnostic and skeptical that both species are capable to share “FOOD” without us knowing or looking.. =)

So now what this relates to my expertise being an SEO Specialist? As an SEO Specialist I was very defensive of the websites that I’m working with and I implement certain strategies to avoid my websites being penalized by Google so why not get rid of my defensiveness and just build a site openly giving info which demographics needs and wants, so by doing that Google will also detect how openly we provide solutions and information for their users so Google will surely give the rankings and visibility that we deserve.




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