Local SEO with Multiple Locations Case Study

GOOGLE MAP PINHey how’s it going? Hope you’re doing well… This post I want to share my experience dealing with local agencies, service providers and brands that have multiple branches / service locations. It’s one of my struggle trying to get all locations to be in the local SERPS at least in the top 3. With Google tighten up the local search result competition from 7 pack to only top 3 it was really difficult to be able to be visible in the top 3 in all locations. I’ve manage to get 60% of most of the locations and not 90%. It’s all the same with all of my projects.


So I want to generalize this example and for the confidentiality purposes let’s just say that it’s a business that offers something across multiple states within US. I’ve already worked on a multi-location type of business which did an average results but not fully hitting the main expectation and objective of the owner/business. Then I was trying to analyze the algorithm’s behavior on how it evaluates local search results, and I figure out a pattern in my projects where most of the multi-location sites have unstable rankings and all my one location sites are just having normal bumps in rankings mostly visible in most target keywords.. So I’ve dig in some possible reasons..





I realize after an in-dept research and case studies that the basic local SEO guidelines of Google’s algorithm still signal very high… What I see that it only sets a different algorithmic evaluation for every other location, it vary on a couple of points which are; local user’s intent of query, level of competition, keyword value (fluctuates on different countries/region or location in general).

It’s up to the webmaster/seo specialist to analyse what approach to implement in both on-site and off-site optimisation strategies. So this observation only clarifies why it was hard to chase to be able to have high, clean and 98% visibility rate to for the primary term in all target locations not to mention due to the variation of data and situation per location it is possible that the algorithm is confuse that the other landing pages is also optimise to compete for a certain target keyword.




So my initial predicament and evaluation to narrow down a separate efforts/content per target location implementing some local signals using schema.org marked-up data and also localisation of our target terms within the meta data, headers and also  body of the content. I strongly suggest this direction / strategies for webmasters and SEO Specialists to be able to swept of some sugar and be entice a targeted niche, location and demographics)




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