Magento Products Data Management Tips

I notice I’ve never wrote stuff related to Magento Products Data Management so here’s one for everyone who’s looking for tips and best practices on how to manage products in Magento. So if you’re new in Magento or “E-commerce” in general these tips below would probably be very useful for you. These are videos that I’ve ran in the back ground while I’m working on my wife’s project so hope this post will be good value to everyone.

Data Tools I Use When Working on Any Data Driven Projects:

Basic Products Content Management

How to import products via .csv file into your magento store

For a newly launched Magento store that needs to be populated by products and category pages. The best way to start is to create 2-3 products manually in the back-end interface.

Here’s a quick video showing you how to set images for products manually in Magento:
Faster way to download and import images into Magento:

Then once you’ve created the initial products, go under System > Import/Export > Dataflow Profiles > Export all Products and export the products you’ve manually added.

(view the screenshot sample below as a guide)

Exporter Interface Magento

Your exported file will have the required fields and products data which will be your import_sheet template which you’ll be using in building up your data in a spreadsheet level. By using the default dataflow interface you’ll be able to configure the exporter to match whatever settings you set for your export.


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