I’ve Observed Search This is What I’ve Seen Most Business Go Through


What I’m about to talk about in this post is about one of my case studies which I recently observed. My questions are: How to rank targeting the position considering timeline and the current algorithm behaviour? If engagement within/towards/referred have impact towards ranking factor, social media shares? On-site Content? domain/page authority? citation score? Have weight….??? If yes, how stable does ranking triggered of engagement signals through social sharing or on-site user behaviour?


How Do You Rank Website Search Engine Ranking

  • I notice that the site that have the most share and reviews on a certain TIME outranks high citation score & domain / page authority.
  • After a while of letting the waves flow, I notice a dramatic drop from the aggressive increase of position from the business which during that time/date have signal high value engagement through social share (FACEBOOK SHARES – my case study site was underneath 70% of the competitor’s) but didn’t last long to generate any leads for the business.
  • So the efforts, time and analysis I’ve invested from citation optimization, on-going on-site optimization and domain authority stacking through contextual medium and social efforts paid off a stable and more reliable visibility which covers the highest conversion rate on most of our primary targeted search terms.

How does e-commerce analyze ranking factor for analysis of a higher sales results / or conversion

Will try to do an observation regarding this question and try to outline a hypothesis which could be a theory to be constantly challenged or changed by Google, Yahoo and Bing.. =) Then once I’ll have the confident to share my personal case study I appreciate critics whom have a goal to disprove or disagree with my correlation observation. Since it may guide me to an accurate and more reliable direction in matter of Ranking and Visibility, ofcourse the analysis will always be the decision factor in building up strategies for a random business or website.

Until then let’s just talk about the argument I laid off above please comment your thoughts, I like to be wrong for me to be legit in providing good results for my clients. =)

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