Crucial For SEO & SEM Campaigns – Best Practices 2016

Howdy! If you have hit this article from SERPS (search engine search results page) you’re probably looking for SEO or SEM tips. So I hope that this post might give you good insights. These are my thoughts (thinking out loud) about my new observation of what’s the best practice for a campaign, from set-up to on-going strategies for 2016 which will impact best results that inclines with your goals and objectives.

I would like to start by sharing how I figured out the key points for this post. I recently got fired by eWay Corp without any prior notice whatsoever (3 weeks ago). Not because I got stagnant or done something stupid.. It’s because as for the owner said

“Sorry we are having some financial crisis right now and I’m afraid you’re not going to be working for us, the company will give you your last week’s paycheck”.


I was like; what???

Next thing I knew I was unemployed, without doing anything bad or slacking. Then I realize, I guess search engine optimisation was not really important for them and they do not understand the value of digital marketing. So while waiting for a new company to call me.. I did some “READING” and tried to just listen to the current buzz in digital marketing and search engine optimisation world.

I figured out how to get a site to rank from strach that’s from development and data analysis phase. So now, if a site is ranking how to generate sales or conversions effectively?

Key Points of 2016 BEST SEO & SEM PRACTICES

How to map keyword strategy to B2B buyer intentTo ensure that you’re providing content that aligns with business objectives, columnist Derek Edmond recommends basing your keyword strategy on stages of the buyer journey.

How to Best Track my Efforts?

Analytics is the best tool for this and I figured I’ll do some deeper understanding and manipulations of data so I’ll be able to analyse a more realistic and accurate data to track my efforts, determine improvements areas or errors.

Why Consistency is the Key to Your Marketing Success

And just like consistency allows you to stand out from your competitors, it will also be critical when it comes to planning your marketing efforts.

  • Branding Decision
  • Keyword Targeting & Research
  • Keyword Implementation
  • Digital Analytics Analysis
  • Consistentcy

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