Online Marketing Understanding The Why What Where Who Gets Improved Results

Have you worked with others who just do what they do because they think SEO or SEM doing link building, social bookmarking without any target or knowing why they’re doing it.

Some of them thinks for them to look like they’ve done a lot over crowding reports with useless data with no relevance to the project’s main goal/objective.

When you ask them most of them will tell you link building improve rankings and visibility, a mere generic and safe alibi of their lack of understanding of their job descriptions. Typical freelancers who jumps from project to the next like grasshoppers because they cannot maintain or meet the results that was expected of them.

This have been a great lesson for me, that I should peel off and understand the WHY, WHAT, WHERE & WHO of a project just to have a good overview of all activity of the campaign.

  • Knowing why we are doing what we do following a built strategy
  • What are goals, errors and improvement ares
  • Where we should focus our efforts
  • Who should we target

Will surely give you a head-eye of the expected results from acitivity done for a project. I notice by really understanding every ends by asking questions when you’re confuse or hit a dead-end. It’s about taking control of the project to drive it to success. Do you agree??


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