Knowing the product that you’re supporting is essential and very easy to be able to grasp and apply what you’ve learn during product training. But is it enough to be able to perform effectively? It’s not!, based on my observation and experience product knowledge is one of the things you need to equip yourself to handle all types of customers and scenarios/problems.

So if we divide a circle into 2 one of the half side of it is product knowledge and the other half is divided into 2 parts. And what are these two essentials? Communication Skills & Analytical Skills. So I will focus my discussion into these two topics, since these two are the most difficult to attain and apply. Take a look of the illustration below and have an overview of the circle of essential skills.



One misconception of agents speaking good english is already considered great communication skills.. I kinda stuck on the same mentality before but I realised that it’s really not enough. Good communication skills is not just how you speak to the other person but also how you grasp and understand; the problem, topic, type of person you’re talking to.

Why? To be able to know how to handle the person that you’re try to communicate with. On top of that to be able to properly give instructions how to solve problem or explain the situation clearly that way both sides are on the same page. It’s the agents job to be flexible and be comfortable to communicate with all types of customers.


Analytical skills is the most difficult to be able to master or at least attain. Listening skills is need for it to work, it’s components includes; vocabulary, psychological observation and problem solving. This skill allows you to understand the problem and finding solutions, reading personalities, knowing how to deal with different types of people and also enhance your ability to choose the appropriate words to use on positioning and also flow of conversation.

Base on survey and observations only 30% of agents within a BPO Company have already developed and naturally applies analytical skills, hence this is important for us to focus and be aware of this to be able to improve and practice ones analytical capabilities to complete the circle of essentials for tech support, customer care or even sales agents.

In A Nutshell

For an agent to perform effectively and be competitive in the BPO Industry  I advice to retrospect within your personal skills and try to determine and honestly accept where within the “circle of essential skills” would be your weak points. Start to develop or enhance your weak spots and on a daily basis try to practice the things you’ve set to improve in application of this theory, I believe that it would really help you as an agent to have a good career in the BPO Industry and for sure you’ll also build up your tips and theories as you go on and keep learning. I hope that this post have made a slight impact and realisations to the readers, feel free to ask or give feedback in the comments below. Till next time =)



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