Determine Your Social Media Marketing Objectives

SEO SuccessI’ve been studying social media marketing tactics and comparing the innovation of the platforms and changes of strategies and usage. Before when I was just starting up my career of being an SEO and SEM Specialist social media marketing is one element of SEO to gain traffic and online visibility through social media sites. Now, social media platforms have innovated to an individual outlet to generate leads/sales, advertise/sell and a lot more.

So when doing social media marketing I believe that before anything else we’ll have to know what are our objectives for doing any efforts. So here are some illustrations where in knowing the business objectives and applying the right approach will take any business to success:

To Target The Right Demographics

There are companies like MLM companies that are leveraging the power of social media marketing by which they’ve been very effective enticing the right demographics. If you’ve analyzed and researched that your demographics spends tons of time in social media platforms well social media marketing can be your best direction to go from. Also if your business generates local sales well targeting local residents using social media platforms will surely be efficient for your business.

To Promote, Sell and Offer

If your business module is e-commerce social media marketing can definitely attract potential buyers and you can setup a Facebook store dedicated to your business where buyers can directly buy from your page.  It can connect to platform, it will serve as another selling outlet for your business.

To Generate Traffic and Leads

There are businesses that their main referral source of traffic comes from their social media accounts and mainly they earn money by leveraging the amount of traffic their site generates in a timeline. Promoting / sharing content via social media sites can be one of the source of traffic & leads that might be able to convert. It’s essential for both marketing and search engine optimisation campaigns to do social media activities either for link building or sales generation objective.



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