E-commerce Searching Sales to Survive

bizBelow are notes that I wrote way back when I was managing an ecommerce site, I was responsible for product data on-site, product listing and overall search engine optimisation campaign managment. I figure it would be a good outline for other marketers searching for effective strategies specifically for ecommerce sites to generate sales and survive the competition.
  1. I’ll make this as top priority, PPC is the only effort that delivers sales to the store. So I’ll focus on on-site data improvements then shopping networks. One brand at a time. Process:
    1. Fix and make sure our Data is complete (One Brand at a Time)
      1. Images
      2. Description
      3. Title
      4. URL
      5. UPC
      6. other required data
    2. Once it’s looking 99% good in the site push it across all shopping networks. I’ll double my efforts in this one.
    3. Repeat (Another Brand)
  2. Data Analysis – It would be a long paragraph to explain. I’ll make sure to start doing at least once a week of this one. Explain it to you in skype soon.
  3. Partnership! Have you tried to contacting people who are frequently buying fixtures because it’s a part of their profession? Like interior designers. If you can offer them special discounts I’m sure every project that they would do you’ll be able to make a sale. Another way other than giving discounts, partnering with a couple of interior designers will increase brand awareness and surely sales. (I know this is long term).
    1. http://www.youtube.com/user/robesondesign
    2. http://www.zoominteriorsdesign.com/
    3. http://www.robesoninteriordesign.com/
    4. Other stores? Offer them that they can post their products in our store but it will just be a link back to their site. Same thing will happen to us in their store. (Not sure about this because it’s definitely link exchange and not a good practice) 
  4. Email Marketing – I’m sure you’ve tons of emails of previous customers and leads, so why not give them some information about new products, discounts or events.  Just a thought that came in my mind while typing number 2 “What do we have to offer to people and generate money?”
  5. I’m going to do this starting today. Going to spend at least one hour of off-site optimization for all of the stores that we have. We can both do this, I just need credentials to some of the social media accounts that I don’t have. Here are the efforts that I have in mind:
    1.  Social Media Consistency
      1. Google+
      2. Facebook
      3. Twitter
      4. Youtube
      5. Pinterest
        1. Social Media Marketing Tools I will try to us:
    2. Content Curation
      1. Paper.li
      2. Scoop.it
      3. Etc
    3. Video Marketing
    4. Citations
    5. (For now these are the only strategy that are easy to set up with less effort in maintaining)
  6. Build up a community or Join and be active in the community. Like the one you told me that I should sign up. WANELO! Ideally we will start our own little community. Then expand. (Another Long Term Effort I know, I’m think out loud just bare with me, lol)
  7. I’ve came across this bullet points.
  • Enticing visitors (non-customers) to come to the site
    • Search engine registration (natural search results)
    • Pay-per-click
    • Public relations – news releases, articles and stories
    • Online advertising (banners, links / cross-links, directories, newsletter placement, etc.)
  • Converting visitors (non-customers) into customers
    • In-site promotions
    • Sales / Special Offers
    • In-store Coupons
    • Associated Products
    • Customer Recommendations
    • Opt-in Email Promotions
  • Site Effectiveness
    • Enticing appropriate visitor behavior
    • Establishing emotional context
    • Building relationships
    • Increasing per-customer purchases
    • After sale marketing
    • After sale relationship building
This video explain what we are not doing and what are we doing wrong http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ku5p6x8FZJs
  • Most of our title tags are very long and exceeds the standard 70 character.
  • Meta descriptions are not rich and not detailed exactly towards the product.
  • Link Building (obviously we are not putting enough effort in this)
Does manufacturers allow us to write our own unique content for our products description, short description and meta description??? (it could be revised content using synonyms or word substitution tactics, or purely unique words from our brains that describes the product.)
What are the queries that customers are searching for http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=w_lynf4DY4U
Are we optimizing for the right keywords?
In a nutshell, I analyzed our traffic, conversions, bounce rates and visibility what we’re lacking and what we’re doing wrong is having poor content/product data in the site. “Data we have is what we got from the manufacturer”. So I did a quick comparison in our competitor’s data.
So it’s obvious that build.com is writing their own product description in order to get search engine’s attention and to compare their data from other stores. Also they are optimizing each of their product pages specific to the right keywords. See highlighted data, In an SEO & Marketing method build.com meta descriptions has “call to action”  & keyword rich.
Meta Description:”Buy Oxygen Lighting 2-710-2 Polished Chrome Wall Sconces Outdoor Lighting at Build.com. In stock & on sale now for $628.00. Free Shipping! Shop today and save up to 33%.”
Meta Description:”Oxygen Lighting Telshor 2-710-224 Wall Sconce Outdoor White Opal Glass Satin Nickel 2710224 – Shop and find the Best Price on Fixture Farm.”
Oxygen Lighting
Which IS more compelling Do you think??
  • In stock & on sale now for $628.00
  • Shop and find the Best Price
Now it’s pretty obvious that our primary problem that carries the most weight in rankings and visibility are our data/content in the store. Which gives the data team the signal to double the effort that they are putting in to the stores. I’ve made this analysis last week and kept on observing other competitors and most stores have different / unique content in their descriptions / shore descriptions. So what I did I’ve schedule a short meeting with the data team and explained my analysis to them. I started working on Neo-Metro and manage to prepare the data for import so that it will be the best example that will illustrate what we need to do to the rest of these brands.
There are factors and changes in the process of the data build up and it would base on the data that we are receiving from the manufacturer. So do you agree in modifying short description, description and meta description of our products? Let me know what are your thoughts about this.

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