Technical Support Tips – Troubleshooting For Customers Effectively

I assume that upon reading the illustration shown above you’ll have the basic overview of the direction of my discussion. I would like to give credits to for the infographic. I would like you to set your attention on the top “1 2 3” section of the infographic. These are the main areas we should focus, our objective is to be able to outline strategies to master how to provide effective customer service and troubleshooting.


  • Determine the problem – Gather Information & Data
  • Analyze Customer’s Technical Ability & Knowledge
  • See of Previous Support Tickets Relevant To The Problem
  • Analyze Data for Proper Resolution
  • Avoid Jargons Be Straight Forward & Clear in Providing Resolution Instructions
  • Educate the Customer About The Problem & Solution
  • Don’t Hesitate to escalate tougher scenarios or unresolved issues


This can be very challenging however once you get a hang of it, it will just go along naturally; This is the best opportunity to kick off a good survey/feedback from the customer. So how to build a connection between you and the customer within the conversation? Below are bullet points to help you build connection and trust.

  • Listen – Focus one the words, gestures and tone of the customer
  • Understand – overview of the problem; make sure you’re on the same page with the customer
  • Be brief – If you have essential info to share, relay it in smaller segments; done over explain
  • Slow down – don’t rush the way you speak and troubleshoot the problem
  • Speak warmly – signal empathy and build customer’s trust by speaking softly/warly


  • Product knowledge would play a big part on this one, however having the initiative to have a personal documentation and notes from previous calls which you’ve resolved would also lessen the troubleshooting time
  • Following product training SOP and accurate usage of tools will also be a big factor
  • The faster you grasp the information about the problem, the quicker you’ll have an overview of posible troubleshooting steps / solutions
  • Checking previous tickets related to the same issue would also give you a direction on how to move forward and troubleshoot the issue

In a nutshell – focusing on product knowledge, connection build-up and good call handling flow/time will surely be able you to provide an effective support for troubleshooting with a high posibility of getting good feedback/survey for customer satisfaction. I hope that this post have bee helpfull for you, I appriciate you taking the time to read my articles. If you have any questions or feedback please express your thoughts in the comments below. Thank You! =)


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