Interesting Topic About Leading & Being A Leader

This is an awesome topic to really dig into and to correlate it with what you do. Let’s just focus on how to innovate, lead and inspire as a team leader, manager or supervisor. There are different personalities and principles that drives to lead either effectively or ineffectively. Like Simon Sinek  mentioned in the video there are leaders and are those who lead. Leaders he said hold the position to express power or authority with a motive to gain, and those who lead are the one who inspire others to follow not because they have to but because they want to. We follow those who lead not for them but for ourselves..

So if you’ve watched the whole Ted Talk Video above, there are three layers of approach for an effective influence to inspire as leaders, managers or supervisors. Simon notice that inspiring organisation, team or business all think; WHY > HOW > WHAT… Most downfall for teams / organisation is when they focus on what they do and not starting with why they’re doing it..


Asking ourselves why are we here, why are we working, why I should follow, why do I have to learn, why??? I’ll set a scenario as an example; In a technical support team agents have a metrics / scores to maintain and hit on a monthly basis.

These metrics keeps innovating to maximise agents performance with the objectives to increase revenue and improve service quality for clients/accounts. So agents would tend to react negatively every time the bar of expectations from them keeps getting tighter and tighter since they feel pressured and uninspired.

I wonder if the team leader’s approach in teaming up the members would not give them the “WHAT” instead start with the “WHY”. Would agents react positively and be inspired?? Perhaps…. Here are two different approach that team leaders can possibly do:

  1. Team Leader: Alright guys, the supervisors and data analyst have lower down our AHT MONTHLY GOAL and we’ll try our best to meet it.
    • (this approach have convey the “WHAT” directly which most of the time will have a negative response with the agents)
  2. Team Leader: How’s everyone doing? I see everyone have really worked hard meeting our MONTHLY GOALS. I can see that everyone are all very capable of passing their metrics and I thank you everyone for their hard work. Let’s keep improving as a team and also for ourselves to be able to show other teams and the clients that we are rockstars. I believe that you guys will be able to hit a lower AHT GOAL so how about let’s challenge ourselves to meet XXX AHT? Again we’re doing this for ourselves and to show that we are all rockstars as individuals and as a team. Sounds Good??
    • (this approach mainly started with WHY we are going to follow the given monthly goals which is really challenging to meet and also motivated the team to keep up the good work and keep on working hard – inspiring? Don’t you thing??)


This is the next layer of approach to inspire and influence organisations, teams or businesses to innovate and be more competitive. So we’ve already establish our reasons, goals and motives, next would be able to develop the action plan to equip the team to meet their goals. Believing that as an individual you’re improvement will help the team to be competitive and inspired to be as one. Following procedures and policies is vital to be able to reach the target. Knowing how to be rockstars and believing that you’re all rockstars will surely be the key to the team’s success.

  1. Team Leader: Handle your calls properly and avoid any attendance issues to be able to meet our MONTHLY GOALS. Managers are monitoring our stats let’s be mindful of our target metrics.
    • Not inspiring but bluntly showing the game plan but not motivating the team.
  2. Team Leader: Let’s keep an eye of our teammates and also always provide assistance with other members who needs help. I believe that you guys will follow SOP and Policies and without a doubt will have no problems with attendance. Appreciate all your hard work let’s keep it up for sure we’ll meet our MONTHLY GOALS easily.
    • Motivating, Inspiring and also showing the trust of leading them without and worries of them having any issues. – I think this approach is more effective that number 1. — AGREE??=)



Basically knowing what needs to be done and also being aware of what you have to do is essential. So as an agent you’re in the office 5 days a week giving customer service to those who needs it. Basically you determine your purpose that inclines with your job description. But the right question to ask is;


Knowing the right “WHAT” is one core element for an effective management and team lead. Openly remind team members that hey these what we should focus and here’s what we are at right now. Believing and trusting with each team member will surely inspire them to follow the team’s direction and game plan.

Don’t Be Afraid To Try Different Approaches – Think Outside The Box

I notice companies, organisations and team who have the ability to take risks and be different or innovate on a non traditional approach are those who always succeed with their endeavours. One example that the video mention is Apple. So for team leaders and managers for the BPO industry, if they’ll be able to see a better direction / approach to be more efficient and improve team stats and performance I would say it’s best to bend some rules and don’t be inclined on the traditional approach to manage and lead teams / agents. So I encourage team leads, SMEs and OMs in the industry to try to analyse strategies which can really improve performance and don’t mind if the strategy is not traditional to make a difference and inspire agents to work hard for themselves, the account and also for the company. =)

Thanks for taking the time to read my post. I hope you’ve got something positive, if you have some questions or reactions feel free to comment your thoughts below. I’ll be glad to discuss and answer your questions. =) THANKS!


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