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Thanks for taking the time to stumble-upon my blog. I’m Al Gregorios (Maleo Gregorios) SEO and SEM Specialist who is consistently keeping up to the pace of online marketing updates and trends by studying current search engine updates, trends and algorithm for 5 solid years.




Looking at my diagram / flowchart above “BUSINESS ANALYSIS’ comes first; Why? I’ve observed and done a little research from the past that most of the common problem of SEO / Webmasters and Marketers with their online marketing or SEO campaign was caused by “lack of business information / data” that causes irrelevant strategy implementation and build-up, unprofitable optimization efforts.

So how I handle projects is by starting of with business info gathering and analysis to be able to understand the overall goals of the business. These business info are elements of optimization efforts which is important to have or know when building up your strategy and doing you research. What are they?

  • Business Goals & Objectives
  • Previous marketing / advertising efforts
  • Services/products info
  • Online Sales metrics
  • Business model
  • etc.

So make sure you totally know the business before starting any SEO efforts, personally I consider this as one of my essential SEO procedures that I practice when I’m working on a new / old project.


Since I’ve gathered all business information I need and was able to analyzed an initial diagnosis (understanding what needs to be done for the site/business) next step would be to do an initial seo research and analyzed research data. What are these seo research?

  • Site Audit and Performance Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Keyword Refinement Research

This process will determine on-site  & off-site issues that needs to be fixed, current metrics data for comparison analysis after optimization, the most profitable keywords to target and lastly an overview competitor’s data which you can leverage in the next step which is strategy build-up and implementation. Basically research data must be implemented on-site / off-site.


I’ve already have all the data needed to analyze to build-up the ideal strategies to be implemented on-site and off-site. This is where business analysis and research data is being highlighted. In developing strategies my main objective is to match optimization efforts / strategies to meet the business goals and to be able to improve current SEO value of the business / site.

  • On-site Optimization Strategy
    • Timeline & Expected Results
  • Off-site Optimization Strategy
    • Timeline & Expected Results


Evaluate and see if the optimization efforts I’ve implemented have an effect towards the site’s SEO score. (in case the effect is negative and have generated some issues your research data, analysis and business understanding might be incorrect) I’ve been doing this process for almost all the recent and previous projects I’m working on and generated results are mostly SEO improvements. Like I said, once you’ve totally understand search engine’s algorithm behaviors by following their guidelines & standards you’ll surely able to develop a profitable strategy that will generate positive SEO results to your project. (That’s why I’ve spent years of enhancing my analytical skills towards SEO because I know that it’s the biggest factor of delivering good results to a project)

  • If metrics data still doesn’t meet the business objective, that’s okay and very normal what you do is just rinse and redo this workflow cycle by starting from the beginning.
  • If metrics data meets the business’ objectives, define improvements areas and again do another cycle however you can start @ step 2 since obviously you’ve a good overview of what the business needs so just do another research and analysis then continue the cycle.
  • The secret here is consistency of efforts and accuracy of analysis.


SEO & SEM THEORY That I’ve Originated and Practice

As a professional SEO and SEM Specialist I make sure to provide good results and reach every goals and objectives of every project I hop on. I’m also one of the people who’ve built/developed the WordPress CUSTOM Theme called the “CORE THEME“. It’s an all in one platform that has all the On-site SEO Features every online businesses need in order to succeed in SERPS. Before I hop on any project I offer a lot of FREEBIES for interested client and these are:

I’m an SEO Specialist that consistently learning, doing research and case studies to enhance my skills and knowledge for me to help businesses reach their online goal. As I said, your success is my success……

I’m offering FREE SEO and SEM Consultation for anyone who is in need of it. To avail this FREEBIE simply fill up the form below and send me your details.

I’m also a musician, specifically a bass player for a couple of local bands here in Iloilo City, Philippines. Love making/writing my own music, currently working  on a solo album and occasionally playing on local gigs. For this passion of mine, I’ve built Iloilo Musician Lounge (a blog/soon to be directory of local music stuff related info) to help local musicians, bands and music related businesses showcase their stuff online.

If I’m not Al Gregorios as an SEO / SEM Specialist also not Al Gregorios as Bass Player, I’m a full time Dad to my beautiful daughter Queen Althea O. Gregorios. So hope you’ve have an overview/rough idea about Al Gregorios.



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